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Customer Stories - The Secret to Producing Compelling Stories

Jun 28, 2023 ClemClem

Last updated 29 June, 2023.

What makes a good customer story?

For episode 99 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast, we had the pleasure of discussing with Joel Klettke, CEO of Case Study Buddy. We invited Joel to discuss … you got it; customer stories.

Customer stories are unique

“Customer stories are unique, by default. Your competitors can take your features, your branding and your design. They can even poach your people. The one thing they cannot take away is the success you’ve earned for your clients or helped them achieve.”
Joel Klettke, Founder at Case Study Buddy

B2B SaaS companies need customer stories to thrive and show how they can help their target audiences. However, quality customer stories aren’t easy to produce. So, we got Joel to walk us through:

  • Why is it so difficult to create and publish quality customer stories
  • How do you make customer stories serve business and revenue goals
  • How to measure the ROI of a case study
  • How to scale the story creation process
  • His secret formula for always telling compelling stories
  • How to tell stories when you can’t share numbers

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