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Our solution is the best, our solution is unique, our solution is …” bo-ring!

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There are no boring B2B tech companies, only thousands of boring ways to present them

Now, brand performance usually pairs with growth. And frankly, the B2B space is full of bo-ring brands.

Sounds like a problem you know?

Well, you’re in good company; we help B2B tech companies build amazing brands by fine-tuning their positioning, figuring out their ICP, and telling meaningful stories. Ready to give the Advance B2B way a go?


Shine a light on your B2B brand

Industry leaders live by their Brand.

We’ve helped many B2B tech companies build and grow their brands in their existing markets and conquer new ones by:

  • Conveying our understanding of what a strong B2B tech brand is
  • Producing a brand strategy out of who you are and what you stand for
  • Combining short and long-term winning measures to establish your brand
  • Ensuring brand continuity in everything you do and say, from website copy to emails and sales presentations.
How we helped Hamina pump up their marketing operations

“Advance B2B’s direct and no-nonsense approach aligns perfectly with Hamina Wireless’ company culture and work style, which has been crucial to our success”.

Julia von dem Knesebeck
Head of Marketing, Hamina Wireless


Brand strategy, messaging & storytelling

Your word is your bond.

Everything you do or say should reflect how your organization operates and what is all about. Any other approach is garbage and will hurt your brand. You can count on us to help you nail your positioning, tone of voice, storytelling, and messaging to fill your pipeline with ICP companies!

Our work typically includes:

  • Qualitative customer research to challenge and/or refine your ICP definition.
  • Identification of relevant competition (direct, indirect, and alternatives) and unique attributes for effective positioning
  • Ensuring your market perception aligns with your brand direction 
  • Creating tone of voice guides and message maps for consistent communication on all touchpoints.
  • Training and workshops to emphasize brand consistency.

Visual identity & design

Even the best technology will go up in smoke without a proper visual identity.

PDF websites, Comic Sans, interns as lead designers, etc. We’ve seen it all. If you don’t take visual identity and design seriously, you will fail.

And so, we:

  • Create visual guidelines and templates to empower your teams with ready assets
  • Have a proven track record for designing powerful visuals
  • Are fully versed in the Adobe Suite

HubSpot websites

Anyone can build your website. Truthfully, thousands of agencies and freelancers will likely do it for a fragment of our price too.

But we build HubSpot websites that bring your brand to life and actually mirror how your business operates.

  • Give you a chance to leverage the entire HubSpot ecosystem.
  • Access advanced website analytics to guide your marketing and sales actions.
  • Build websites you can actually update and optimize yourself.
  • Build websites you can fully personalize for your audiences.
  • We produce copy that’s aligned with your brand and resonates with your ICP
We created a vibrant website for QPR in just 2 months

“We were able to make significant improvements to our website that will support our new growth strategy. We finally have a website builder that’s up-to-date and easy to use!

It’s not only the marketing team who’s happy about this: we’ve also gotten great feedback from other functions regarding the usability, clarity, and design of the new pages!”

Saara Bergman
Product Marketing Manager, QPR Software

Saara Bergman

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