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Building a solid sales & marketing infrastructure

We'll build the sales, marketing, and customer success HubSpot infrastructure you need

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The foundation B2B tech companies need to grow sustainably

How we customized HubSpot for Calqulate

"Advance B2B helped us master our HubSpot CRM and pimp the hell out of it with lead magnets, CRM nurturing scores, and a lead scoring system.

Their professionalism and proactive approach helped cut months off the time spent scaling our marketing efforts and have been a notable acceleration in our growth."

Cameron Murphy
Head of Growth, Calqulate

Cameron Murphy
4.9 /5
HubSpot Partner rating
Implementations completed

Why choose HubSpot?

If tools are only a fraction of the solution to your problems, HubSpot is the cornerstone that will empower both your sales and marketing teams.

  • Alignment and collaboration: HubSpot brings sales, marketing, and customer success teams together by providing a unified platform for both functions, building the foundation for them to work toward the same goal: revenue.
  • Lead management: HubSpot's CRM lets sales, marketing, and CS teams effectively manage and nurture leads and customers based on your processes and sales cycle.
  • Automation and efficient processes: HubSpot's automation features save time and increase efficiency so that both sales, marketing, and customer success teams can prioritize their efforts and focus on the most promising leads and taking care of their customers..
  • Personalization and targeting: segment your audience and push targeted and personalized campaigns to deliver relevant content and messaging to prospects and customers and, ultimately, improve engagement and conversion rates.
  • Integrations: Integrate your existing ecosystem into HubSpot to build a sales, marketing, and CS infrastructure that truly supports your growth.
  • Reporting and analytics: Track key metrics, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your strategy and improve your impact on your bottom line.

We’re virtually able to do anything as long as HubSpot allows it


Strategic planning

Yes, technology greatly enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams. However, growth doesn’t happen at the simple push of a button; it requires careful planning. We like to say that we build HubSpot infrastructures that:

  • Take your entire tech stack into account
  • Mirror how your organization operates
  • Fit your ambitions and where you want to go.

Customized setup


Now, we are a HubSpot Diamond Partner and have been implementing and scaling HubSpot ecosystems for our customers for over a decade.

So, whether you’re already relying on HubSpot or not, our HubSpot experts will assist you in setting up, fine-tuning, or building processes that make sense for your business.

HubSpot Integrations

The one tool to rule them all. HubSpot shouldn’t just be another tool in your tech stack; it should be a hub where all your existing solutions communicate. 

We can make it happen. Whether there’s an existing connector or not, we’ll integrate the systems you need to run your show into HubSpot.

We’re the only HubSpot Partner in Finland that’s also a Make Partner, a platform that focuses exclusively on integrations.

How we get you started

#1 - Kick-off

Kick-off & analysis of the current situation vs your business goals

We typically start with an in-depth analysis of the current state of your tech stack and how everything is working together.

This might include (but is not limited to):

  • A growth tech audit
  • An analytics audit
  • A customer data audit
  • A website audit (including CRO and website performance audits)
  • A content audit

We determine which audits are needed depending on your specific needs. We set goals and KPIs for our cooperation to achieve a better alignment and make it easy for you to follow our progress.

#2 - Defining processes that work for you

We look under the hood and go over your existing processes to assess whether there is anything to be changed or improved.

These include going over and aligning your:

  • Current lead process
  • Marketing funnel
  • Sales Process
  • Customer success process
  • Future growth marketing stack (what tools will be needed and how they’ll contribute to your growth).

#3 - Implementation

In practice, we then implement the chosen tools and processes.

  • We offer guidance and consulting to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and is as easy as possible for all parties involved.
  • We usually implement new tools and processes step by step to make sure everything is seamless.
  • We build dashboards and reports (previously agreed on) to ensure you can measure the impact of everything that’s happening and grow a stronger understanding of what moves the needle for your organization.

Scale as you grow

Easy there, tiger; Rome wasn’t built in a day! We understand how eager you are to get things done, but it’s also our job to tell you that it’s not realistic to expect everything to happen at once. 

Building infrastructures and processes take time. Our promise to you, however, is that we will build strong foundations for you to scale your operations without having to make compromises down the road.


Should we start building your future?

We can’t see the future. However, we know from experience that HubSpot is currently the system that B2B tech companies need.

The question you should ask yourself is not how much it will cost to implement and develop your own HubSpot-driven ecosystem but how much it will cost in the long term not to do it.

If you’re ready for it, we’re ready to talk about it!


Let's have a talk!

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