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What the heck is Advance B2B and who are these people? You might want to hold on to your hat because you’re about to find out. 🎩

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Back in the dark ages (and/or 2014) our founders Paavo Laaksonen and Mikko Seppä did something crazy. They left their well-paying full-time jobs to start an inbound marketing agency. The big idea was to help B2B companies grow by creating marketing their customers would love.

Fast-forward to today, and that two-man business has grown into a full-blown growth marketing agency with customers across three continents. And although we’re still all about creating lovable marketing, we now also help our customers optimize their sales processes, make the most of their sales and marketing software, and advertise the crap out of their amazing content.

But while we’ve certainly come a long way from the days Paavo used to buy us toilet paper (true story 💩) some things have stayed the same. We still help B2B companies grow. And we’re still growing.

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Who we are

Hanna Harjula


+358 50 5366754

Sari Venäläinen


+358 50 599 4389

Samuli Salonen

Head of Sales

+358 40 843 4450

Charlotte Jaakola

Service Lead,
Growth Marketing

+358 40 742 1305

Jenna Hölttä

Service Lead, Marketing Technology & Sisältökauppa

+358 40 154 1558

Akseli Matila


+358 40 736 1493

Ali Kisaoglu

Growth Marketing Strategist,
Team Lead

Anniina Keiskander

Content Marketing Specialist, Photographer

Annika Ryan

Designer, Developer

Audrey Agahan

Content Marketing Strategist, Brand & Content competence lead

Caitlin Baran

Content Marketing Specialist

Chris Said

Content Marketing Strategist

Clément René

Content Marketing Strategist

Hanna Isohanni-Nikula

Content Marketing Strategist

Heidi Tuovinen

Assistant, a.k.a. The Master of The Malmin Mafia Universe

+358 40 620 1747

Heidi Valtonen

Content Marketing Strategist
(on sabbatical)

Heini Rahikainen

Growth Marketing Specialist

Helmi Kirjavainen


Inari Kaarnisto

Paid Acquisition Specialist

Inka Kaislalampi

Growth Marketing Strategist, Team Lead

Jesse Särmö

Head of Paid Acquisition,
Paid Acquisition competence lead

Karri Takki

Growth Marketing Strategist

Lauri Saarinen

Growth Marketing Specialist

Matias Suhonen

MarTech & Website Consultant, Marketing Technology competence lead

+358 40 709 6651

Mikko Laaksonen

HubSpot Consultant, Team Lead

Mikko Latva-Koivisto

Growth Marketing Strategist, Growth Marketing competence lead

Mikko Taivainen

Content Marketing Strategist

Monika Bene

Paid Acquisition Specialist

Otto Antikainen

Content Marketing Specialist

Paula Määttä

Growth Marketing Strategist

Pauliina Saukkonen

Paid Acquisition Specialist

Seija Lappalainen

Growth Marketing Strategist, Team Lead

Reeta Toivanen

Content Marketing Specialist

Tuukka Rantamäki

Growth Marketing Strategist, Project competence lead

Tuulikki Haaranen

Growth Marketing Strategist

Veera Hevosmaa

Content Marketing Strategist

Wiebke Arendt

Growth Marketing Strategist


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