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The holy trinity
of strategic marketing, HubSpot, and
no-BS attitude

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Our manifesto

"Growth at all costs" is a reckless idea. The way businesses operate has shifted, and so has marketing.

So, unless you’re into failing, it’s time to rethink what good marketing is and adopt a more strategic and sustainable approach to running the show. Sure, we have a big mouth, but we are also known to do what we preach.

Oh, yeah, and did we mention AI? We have thoughts on that, too.

Our Manifesto | Advance B2B

Let's bring in the biggies

4.9 /5
HubSpot Partner Rating
3.5 /yrs
average partnership
happy customers
foundation year

No bullsh*t, we say.

But what does that even mean?

There are really no silver bullets. “No bullshit” means we're about working hard to figure out your ideal customer and identify the sweet spots for your growth.

No BS for us also means having the guts to tell you off when you do it wrong.

  • We focus on what moves the needle. We're here to grow your business; we don’t really care about lead count.
  • We do what we preach. We don’t just give boring advice and shake hands; we deliver concrete work.

We don’t say YES to everything. We’ll speak our minds and challenge you on that ebook you want to gate because it will ‘generate leads’ — but always with respect and out of love.


The layers we touch in our work

Strategy, business & brand

Advance B2B is a first-choice strategic partner. Our experienced marketing strategists can help adjust your current business strategy or build it from scratch to help achieve your business’ ambitious goals.

Daily marketing operations

We have the skills and creativity to break down your strategy into relevant tactics and experiments to help reach your targets. We follow the agile model to keep learning and recalibrate when needed.

Data & tech stack

We’re all about data and facts. We will help you select, set up, and optimize the tools you need to measure, understand, develop, and run strategic and sustainable sales & marketing operations.

Like the sound of that? We might just be your kind of trouble.


Our Roman Empire*:

* Roman Empire WTF?

Roman Empire refers to a TikTok trend in which people asked their male partners how often they thought about the Roman Empire, to which the majority responded pretty often, even daily. It has since evolved into a catchphrase referring to something one always thinks about.


Toggl-Featured image

Toggl Plan

+100% growth in # of customer acquisition and 250% increase in ICP trial starts

Virta-featured image

Virta Global

+100% growth in revenue, customers, and website traffic.

Recright-Featured image


How we set out to build a go-to-market playbook for new target markets in the Nordics.

Meet the hearts and minds of AB2B

Despite what non-marketers sometimes say, good marketing doesn’t come easy. It’s freaking hard work.

With years of experience* under their belts, our people are driven, focused, strong-minded, and determined to help our customers be successful. Oh, and past their tough marketer skin, they have a big heart.

* Our people have grown expertise from many hardships, wins, and failures before joining Advance B2B. What’s more, 10% of our time is dedicated to learning to ensure our people keep developing their skills.


Some of our latest thinking

So, we know a thing or two about B2B marketing & tech, and we like to share the love when we have a moment. Here’s a selection of our latest work:


ARTICLE – How are marketers utilizing AI?

Are we shying away from using AI in our work? No. Are we using AI to do all our work? Absolutely not. So, to put an end to the boundless wondering, we asked four of our very own Advancers to explain how AI shows up in their daily life.


ARTICLE – Unlocking sales success with a pre-sales process in HubSpot

If companies prioritize closing sales at the expense of providing essential operational support to their teams, it can impede their long-term growth prospects.


WEBINAR – Choosing the right tech for data-driven marketing: a deep dive with Sevendos

How to implement and integrate the right sales & marketing tech stack across seven established companies, each with a different marketing maturity?

Listen to the Growth Hub Podcast

Hey, we also have a marketing podcast!

How original, we know… But this one is worth listening to (if we say so ourselves).

With over 100 episodes released since 2017, we featured amazing minds such as Brian Halligan, Sangram Vajre, Rand Fishkin, Bill Macaitis, David Cancel, and April Dunford (and many more to come).