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Go-to-Market Strategy

Our playbook may be the secret sauce your B2B tech company needs

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Most go-to-market strategies fail due to flimsy planning and groundless assumptions

Our approach

Forget what you know. Regardless of your reputation and overall brand awareness in your home market, entering a new one means you need to toss your certitudes down the drain. In fact, the best way to fail at entering a new market is to assume things and believe you can simply copy/paste what works elsewhere (yes, even if you’re a rockstar in your home market).

Now, could copy-pasting your strategy work in some cases? Sure, maybe. But probably not.

This is why we approach Go-to-Market as a whole new strategy for our customers.

Research first

You’re eager to sell. And that’s a good thing. But you can’t start selling efficiently without a profound knowledge of your target market’s competitors, or ICP, let alone local regulations. This is where we come in.

We take a deep dive into your world and your business. Together, we’ll: 

  • Prioritize and decide which markets to begin experimenting in, aiming to grow demand, and acquire new customers while learning more about your growth potential.
  • Do research to understand the world around you: your customers’ thinking on what they value and how they make decisions, what alternatives they consider, and how to win their hearts & minds 
  • Find relevant partners to fast-track your entry.
  • Create a GTM strategy with you based on the information we have from both of those worlds.
  • Help you implement & execute the strategy in your daily marketing ops.



We are ready to fail until we succeed

We’re known to make bold moves, but we’re not reckless. Our so-called bold moves are documented and always backed by data. In fact, the one thing we hate more than our office printer is planning based on wishes and dreams.

  • We document our thought process to actually learn from our work, optimize, and iterate.

Experimenting is about failing until we succeed: Success doesn’t just happen, it’s always preceded by a whole lot of failure.


What you get from this collaboration

You’ll get a documented plan of action and a bunch of knowledgeable marketers to assist you in your journey to conquer new markets.

  • Current state analysis of your marketing and revenue data to understand patterns.
  • Competitor analysis to differentiate in the market.
  • ICP definition to utilize GTM strategy for growth.
  • Experiments from the beginning to gather insights into the market.
  • A Go-To-Market -strategy to grow rapidly.
  • A team to succeed in all of the above! ♥︎
Our GTM playbook for Recright

“Expanding into new markets can be challenging. But with the right strategy and strategic partner, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Recright was able to learn more about our potential customers in our target markets thanks to the experimentation-based approach.

The insights we gained from each campaign iteration allowed us to tailor our messaging accordingly to specific markets and audiences.”

Miikka Tuomola
CRO, Recright

Miikka Tuomola-2

The things we won’t / can’t do

We don’t (yet) have a crystal ball, and we don’t make empty promises (been there, done that, didn’t work out).

  • We won’t make up numbers to make you happy and ease the sale: we could tell you you’ll ‘generate 100 leads in 3 months’, but we’d be full of it. If anyone makes such promises, they are full of it.
  • We don’t have a ready-winning template: Your business is unique, and so is the market you’re about to enter. GTM is not child's play. It’s tough and, sadly, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to it.

Frankly, there’s no way to say whether or not you’ll successfully enter and succeed in new markets, even if we do everything right. What we can promise is to follow a strict playbook to get you there. And we also have a couple of people vouching for us.

Sure, there is an eBook

Read our  guide to building a Saas Go-To-Market Strategy

Aimed at B2B SaaS companies entering new markets, our handy guide will show you the ropes to create a Go-To-Market strategy for your business.

It covers:

  • Validating your product-market fit
  • Understanding your audience & the importance of customer research
  • What approach you should take in different market positions
  • Actual tips and tactics that you can use
  • The pitfalls you should try to avoid

Ready to go all-in?

We're not just passionate – we're all in. Your challenges? Consider them ours.

We wear your hats and walk your walks. Our clients give us money so that we give our 101% to make them succeed — this comes with occasional profanities and some hard truths.

Now, if that's your jam and are looking for a partner to expand within the Nordics and/or Europe, we should talk. ▼



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