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Advance B2B’s direct and no-nonsense approach aligns perfectly with Hamina Wireless’ company culture and work style, which has been crucial to our success.”

Julia von dem Knesebeck

Head of Marketing, Hamina Wireless

Learn more about our work with Hamina Wireless

Even with a very competent in-house team like ours, it would be impossible to have all that knowledge we can get from an agency."

Valtteri Taube

Marketing & Communications Director, Siili

Learn more about our work with Siili

It's hard to find a good agency. But I keep hearing good things about Advance B2B from our team."

Alex Osterwalder

Founder and CEO, Strategyzer

Learn more about our work with Strategyzer


Advance B2B helped us clarify our ICP. As a result, we were also able to clarify our positioning and redefine our messaging. That has given us a solid foundation to explore different things further in all the marketing channels that we’ll be using from now on.!

Jitesh Patil

Toggl Plan

Read more about our work with Toggl Plan

Advance B2B has upgraded our organization's mindset by infusing a resolute marketing energy into all our activities."

Stéphane Cohen

CEO & Founder, Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Learn more about our work with Shared Contacts for Gmail

Advance B2B has been an invaluable resource in our growth journey. They really spent time learning about our target audience and our specific growth needs, assembled a great team that filled the skill gaps of my in-house team, and consistently delivered high-quality work week after week.

I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and the sense of true partnership the Advance B2B team brought, and my in-house team has learned many best practices from the AB2B team.”

Rudan Zhang

VP of Marketing, Shortcut

Read more about our work with Shortcut

Working together with Advance B2B is always a pleasure. Together for the past years, we have managed to find ways to work seamlessly together as one team without forgetting the fun! We have grown not just our blog results but also the level of the content we produce.

What always amazes me is our team's ability to adapt to changing situations and find a way around possible problems. I believe that anything is possible with this partnership."

Krista Kavonius

Marketing Lead Finland, Salesforce

Learn more about our work with Salesforce

At Virta, we have a really capable in-house marketing team, but our scope of needs is so wide that external help is very much needed. When it comes to digital marketing—like SEO, SEA, content marketing, web development, and Hubspot knowledge—Advance B2B brings the expertise that we’re lacking. They also bring a fresh pair of eyes and ideas from outside of our industry. I especially appreciate our communication and the sprint agile model way of working. As a client, I feel very taken care of."

Markus Linden

Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Learn how we achieved over 100% growth in revenue, # of customers, and website  traffic with Virta

“We are a B2B SaaS company that offers e-learning solutions. We realized that we needed to scale our marketing efforts, and we chose Advance B2B to help us with that, mainly because of their experience with similar B2B SaaS companies. 

We started our cooperation by identifying our ICP, and from that ICP work, we realized that there was a lot of development work that we needed to do with our positioning. Advance B2B was there to help us along the entire way. 

With many organizations of our size, it isn’t possible to hire all of the experts needed for a marketing team. We would’ve needed to hire over 10 in-house marketers to cover everything from growth marketing, paid ads, content marketing, data analytics, etc. So we really value that we can have all of the best experts from Advance B2B whenever needed.”

Arttu Kotakorpi

Sales Manager, Mediamaisteri Oy

Learn more about our work with Mediamaisteri

For fellow marketers in B2B SaaS companies like ours, I would recommend you look for partners like Advance B2B because they will make sure you’re focusing on the right things and that you’re able to accelerate your own learning.”

Saara Saalamo

Marketing Lead, RecRight

Learn more about our work with RecRight

Ali, Mikko, and Audrey from Advance B2B were a crucial part of Calqulate’s marketing development. Advance B2B helped us master our HubSpot CRM and pimp the hell out of it with lead magnets, CRM nurturing scores and a lead scoring system.

Their professionalism and proactive help cut months off at scaling our marketing efforts and have been a notable acceleration in our growth.”

Cameron Murphy

Head of Growth, Calqulate

Read more about our work with Calqulate


Before Advance B2B, we were using different platforms for CRM (Zoho), CMS (WordPress), Marketing (HubSpot), and Support (Zendesk). All of our data was fragmented, and we didn’t have a proper inbound strategy and lead handling process. 

Advance B2B helped us migrate and unify our sales and marketing tech stack into one solution—HubSpot. They are a powerhouse HubSpot agency, that I can’t recommend enough. Not only are they absolute experts with the platform, but they have in depth sales and marketing knowledge, especially when it comes to SaaS companies.

Moreover, they are always available, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile (kilometer I guess I should say). If you need an agency to help you make the most out of HubSpot and accelerate your growth with proper sales and marketing guidance, then look no further."

Audrey Agahan

Director of Marketing, EveryonePrint


The Advance B2B team is always professional, yet, they are also fun to work with. They understand our business well and are determined to help us grow globally. Together, we are on our way to fulfill our mission — to bring the human touch back to recruitment."

Miira Leinonen

CMO, TalentAdore

Learn more about our work with TalentAdore

Advance B2B has always been very, very flexible at meeting us halfway. It was so impressive how the team learned our way of doing business to provide us the best service. During the sales process, you really listened to us, and provided a solution that really worked for us. That’s why we chose Advance B2B

Riikka Henttonen

Marketing and Communications Manager, Castellum

Learn more about our work with Castellum

I am especially happy with the way our Advance B2B team was able to extract the ideas and thinking from our heads, formalize them, and turn them into an actual brand personality & tone of voice that both now live in all the assets we have: from pitch decks to website copies.

The whole process was led in a way that ensured we were focusing on the right things and getting the right things done. What I liked the most was that it felt like we were actually co-creating the brand rather than just ordering something "ready-made", which made the end results feel very own right from the beginning."

Esamatti Vuolle

CEO & Co-founder, Costa Commerce

Learn more about our work with Costa Commerce

The entire strategy work went really smoothly. I was surprised by how quickly things progressed and strategy materials were delivered to us. It was all done in a couple of sprints. It was quick, comprehensive, and clear.”

Lotta Vänskä

Growth Lead, Vapaus

Learn more about our work with Vapaus

We have very good cooperation and Advance B2B has a very competent team. They are kind of like an extension of our team.” 

Alexandra Sevelius


Read more about how we work with ONEiO
Miikka Recright (1)

Expanding into new markets can be challenging. But with the right strategy and strategic partner, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Recright was able to learn more about our potential customers in our target markets thanks to the experimentation-based approach. The insights we gained from each campaign iteration allowed us to tailor our messaging accordingly to specific markets and audiences."

Miikka Tuomola

CRO, RecRight

Learn more about our work with RecRight

The agile vs. waterfall- I’m a big agile believer. But- you need planning, and for the point of growth we are at, this monthly rhythm is good. For smaller companies, it might be challenging. After you have a path and statistically significant threshold, it makes sense to work in an agile way. With more data, customers, and retention, the feedback loop would be higher. Also, the systems weren’t in place when we started, but if you have a good setup, you can avoid pitfalls and just run."

Aarne Huttunen

Chief Product Officer, Cubicasa

Learn more about our work with CubiCasa


We weren't looking for a traditional marketing agency, but a partner who understands SaaS and would help us grow rapidly. When you keep seeing results like ours, it’s hard to be anything but excited.”

Niko Nykänen

COO, Howspace

Learn more about our work with Howspace

Our partnership with Advance B2B is very effective. We’ve been really in awe of how well they understand our and our customers’ fields."

Susanna Salkolahti

Marketing Director, Visma Enterprise

Learn more about our work with Visma Enterprise

We're very happy with the website renewal project we did with Advance B2B, and we’ve really enjoyed cooperating with them.

Now, we’re able to make significant improvements to our website that will support our new growth strategy. We finally have a website builder that’s up-to-date and easy to use!

It’s not only the marketing team who’s happy about this: we’ve also gotten great feedback from other functions regarding the usability, clarity, and design of the new pages!

Saara Bergman

Product Marketing Manager, QPR Software

Read more about our work with QPR website renewal

Marketing for the longest time, really since the company started, looked like us trying to do what we could on LinkedIn. We were really struggling to get a cohesive message out and to get a cohesive approach. The biggest challenge was that we didn’t know what was working."

Alexa Grellet

Co-founder, HR DataHub

Learn more about our work with HR Datahub

One of the most important things that happened during the strategy phase was that we were finally able to make certain business decisions that had not been so easy for us in the past. What we’re looking forward to with Advance B2B is to make marketing the key revenue driver for Gapps in the near future.” 

Niko Kultalahti

Head of Marketing, Gapps

Learn more about our work with Gapps

AB2B has been really helpful! Juho has been our main connection and has been helping me a lot even after the project. I’m hoping we have AB2B as our long-term partner with marketing automation. [They are] very professional."

Krista Kihlman


Learn more about our work with Kemppi

Working with Advance B2B was fast, efficient, and effective. They delivered high-quality articles and really helped us scale our content marketing efforts."

Edward Ford

Marketing Director, Supermetrics


We’ve had a great experience working with the Advance B2B team. They’re incredibly dedicated to producing exactly what we want and providing guidance along the way. We highly recommend working with them!”

Dan Murphy

Director of Product Marketing, Drift ⚡️


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