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[E-book] The Short Guide to Building Your B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy

Aimed at B2B SaaS companies entering new markets, this handy guide will help you create a Go-To-Market strategy for your SaaS business.

We go through:

  • Validating your product-market fit
  • Understanding your audience & the importance of customer research
  • What approach you should take in different market positions
  • Actual tips and tactics that you can use
  • The pitfalls you should try to avoid

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Customer Research templates

  1. Internal buy-in email template to help you get the "yes" from your boss.
  2. Workshop invite email template to help you get all the right people in the ICP workshop.
  3. List of interviewees to help you organize the contact information easily.
  4. Customer outreach email template to help your salespeople reach out to the interviewees painlessly.
  5. Interview questions & summary sheet to help you uncover your ideal customers’ biggest pain points, to get unique insights and instantly swipeable copy, and to organize and analyze your findings.

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