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“We want more leads!”

(But do you, really?)

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Eeeeehhh … not so fast

No. You don’t need more leads.

We understand where you’re coming from. Hell, we’ve all been there! Your marketing operations are expected to feed your sales pipeline; therefore, you need leads.

After all, generating more leads surely means that marketing will be able to support business growth, right? Right!?

As counterintuitive as it may sound, not really.


When less is more

We hear it almost daily in our discovery calls; a leading cause of tension between sales and marketing is the MQL/SQL misalignment. In some cases, marketing teams feed their SDRs with buttloads of marketing-qualified leads, and nothing else happens.

  • Common reason: Sales reps don’t have time to follow up with all inbound and outbound contacts.
  • The real reason: SDRs will deprioritize MQLs because the gap with SQLs is simply too significant and focus on leads they sourced themselves.

Yes, your sales team wants more leads…

but not just any leads. They want leads that won’t require a mountain of work to close. They need ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) leads

We fix that by:

  • Running qualitative customer research to (re)define our customers’ ICP and ensure we only focus our efforts on highly relevant people and companies.
  • Challenging their positioning and value proposition; does the way they see themselves match their ICPs?
  • Optimizing their brand and messaging: is their messaging resonating with their ICP customers?

In other words, we won’t give you more leads; we can help you craft a banger marketing strategy to generate ICP leads. Quality over quantity.

How we got +250% in ICP trial starts for Toggl

“Advance B2B helped us clarify our ICP. As a result, we were also able to clarify our positioning and redefine our messaging. That has given us a solid foundation to explore different things further in all the marketing channels that we’ll be using from now on!”

Jitesh Patil
SEO & Content Specialist, Toggl


Generate demand, not leads


Generating demand beats generating leads. Every time.

The difference may sound trivial to non-expert ears, but there’s a fundamental difference between the two:

  • Generating leads is about numbers. In fact, many marketing partners like to evaluate the success of their actions by reporting only on lead counts. We don’t like it. And this is not how we do it.
  • Demand generation is not just about capturing leads. It’s about creating interest in your products or services. It involves nurturing prospects through various stages of the buyer's journey, ensuring they are well-informed and genuinely interested in what you offer.

Lead generation is a marketing tactic of the past; it worked for a while, and it quickly showed its limits, as mentioned above. The world is evolving and so should the way we do marketing.

To make a long story short, the answer to your problem is simple: say no to BS marketing.


Meet the AB2B WAY

Work with an extended team

Are you intrigued yet? Good.

There are multiple ways we could help you generate more leads demand. Working with us means you:

  • Get access to seasoned and dedicated marketers, but also formidable humans.
  • Don’t just pay for a pair of extra hands when hiring us. You pay for a direct extension to your team.
  • Can choose between a long-term partnership or a per-project approach.
Advance B2B - The Old Model v The Advance Model
How we achieved over 100% growth in revenue for Virta

When it comes to digital marketing—like SEO, SEA, content marketing, web development, and Hubspot knowledge—Advance B2B brings the expertise that we’re lacking. They also bring a fresh pair of eyes and ideas from outside of our industry. I especially appreciate our communication and the sprint agile model way of working. As a client, I feel very taken care of."

Markus Linden
Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Markus Linden
How we supported Shortcut in their growth journey

"Advance B2B has been an invaluable resource in our growth journey. They really spent time learning about our target audience and our specific growth needs, assembled a great team that filled the skill gaps of my in-house team, and consistently delivered high-quality work week after week.

I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and the sense of true partnership the Advance B2B team brought, and my in-house team has learned many best practices from the AB2B team."

Rudan Zhang
VP of Marketing, Shortcut

Rudan Zhang-1


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