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How to grow your SaaS biz as a solo marketer with Katheriin Liibert, Head of Marketing at Outfunnel

Feb 22, 2021 1 minute read Edward FordEdward Ford

Last updated 09 April, 2021.

Katheriin Liibert is Head of Marketing at Outfunnel and in this episode, we’re talking about how to grow your SaaS business as a solo marketer.

Katheriin joined Outfunnel as the first, and currently, the only marketer in the company. With many SaaS marketers in a similar situation, how do you grow your SaaS business as a solo marketer?

Katheriin shares her experience on what's worked for her, including:

  • how you should set expectations for marketing and work with your CEO & founders
  • why you should create a 100-day plan (but still get quick wins)
  • how to figure out which tactics and channels to focus on
  • how to work with freelancers and agencies
  • how to scale your team in future

And stay tuned until the end when Katheriin takes on our fast five challenge and shares her favorite place to learn about marketing and her best piece of advice for fellow marketers. 

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