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3 minutes | Podcast, Strategy | 30.10.18

How to build a kick-ass marketing team in B2B SaaS with Georgiana Laudi, SaaS Advisor & Former VP of Marketing at Unbounce (Podcast)

By Edward Ford

When Georgiana Laudi joined Unbounce she was the first hire in the marketing team.

From the early startup days where she dug into all areas of marketing right through to becoming VP where she led a team of 35 marketers, Gia has seen first hand what it takes to build a high-performing marketing team in B2B SaaS.

In this episode Gia shares the story of how the Unbounce marketing team grew and there are a host of really valuable takeaways regardless as to whether you’re a SaaS marketer thinking about how you can develop your own skills and career, a VP or CMO leading and growing a marketing team, or even a CEO thinking about how you should develop your marketing function.

In this episode we hear about:

  • what kind of person founders should look for in their first marketing hire
  • how to evangelise the role of marketing in product and tech led SaaS companies
  • skills and core-competencies marketing teams need as they scale
  • the benefits of hiring generalists and specialists and when to look for them
  • how your skill set and mentality needs to adapt as you transition from a marketing ops role to a marketing leadership role
  • key reasons why the Unbounce marketing team performed at such a high-level and achieved the results they did
  • the future skills B2B SaaS marketers and marketing teams will need



Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Gia takes on our fast five challenge and shares her best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers.

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