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5 of the best B2B SaaS marketing blogs

I had an interesting discussion at the office a couple of days ago. My colleague explained how she had decided to focus on following only a few blogs about B2B SaaS Marketing that really deliver the quality insights on the topics she is interested in.

We got into a discussion about how difficult it is nowadays to find just THE perfect blogs to follow. As the amount of information created rises constantly, it makes it difficult to find the best ones. This is also true in SaaS, where there is new and interesting content coming from a variety of sources.

We're writing about the topic here on The Growth Hub, but I also wanted to share some of our favorites that we think would be highly beneficial for you, as a SaaS marketing or sales leader, to follow!

1. Coelevate by Brian Balfour


Coelevate - Brian Balfour.png

Brian Balfour is former VP of Growth @ HubSpot, serial entrepreneur and founder of Reforge Growth Series.

Brian is one of those people who doesn’t publish too often (roughly once every 1-2 months), but when he does write an essay (that’s what he calls his blogs), it's pure fire! Simply put, it will evoke your thoughts and get you thinking. You may not always agree with him on everything, but the topics he discusses are original and insightful, and the way he communicates his points is definitely among the best out there.

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2. Tomasz Tunguz


Tomasz Tunguz SaaS Blog.png

Tomasz is a VC at Redpoint.

In his personal blog he touches upon various topics around sales, marketing and growth. His blog is one of our team’s all time favorites and the content never disappoints. Tomasz uses lots of data to support and prove his thoughts whilst his writing is clear and simple to digest.

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3. For Entrepreneurs by David Skok


For Entrepreneurs - David Skok.png

David Skok, successful serial entrepreneur turned VC, is definitely on our list of people to follow. As the name of his blog suggests, there is a slight focus on startups but there is nevertheless a host of valuable insight and lessons for SaaS companies of all sizes. David has been through it all before and he shares all his wisdom on his blog that includes a lot of benchmark data, advice on metrics, and real life examples.

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4. Sixteen Ventures by Lincoln Murphy


Lincoln Murphy - Sixteen Ventures.png

Lincoln Murphy is the master of al things Customer Success! He's a Consultant on the topic at Sixteen Ventures and co-author of Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue.

Simply put, Lincoln delivers truly awesome insight on Customer Success. He touches various aspects of customer retention, expansion, pricing strategies and much more.

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5. A Smart Bear by Jason Cohen


A Smart Bear - Jason Cohen.png

Now, there are very few marketers out there that reach the same level of greatness as Jason does in his posts. Jason is founder of WP Engine and comes from a slightly more technical point of view, which can be seen in his posts and the way he uses statsistics, as well as clear and simple calculations (well, depending how well you know your math) to get his point accross.

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So there are five of the best SaaS blogs out there, which are your favourites? Are there any missing that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments!