How to acquire high-intent traffic that converts with Alina Benny, SEO & Content Lead at Nextiva

2 minutes | 07.07.20

From keyword research to conversions, getting B2B content marketing right requires quite a few steps. You need to identify interesting opportunities, write the actual content, and fight content decay. [...]

Getting to +$50M ARR & +65% YoY growth by ditching expert advice with Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs

3 minutes | 17.06.20

Ahrefs doesn’t have Google Analytics installed on their website. They don’t do AB testing, retargeting, pop-ups, or gated lead forms. They don’t have a single sales person. And they don’t have a produ [...]

SaaS marketing is broken: How to get more creative with marketing with Matt Epstein, CMO at Rippling

2 minutes | 09.06.20

"If you're generating tons of traffic for a crappy product, great marketing will just make your product die faster." Matt Epstein is CMO at Rippling and an advocate for unoconventional marketing. In t [...]

How to scale up content marketing with Adam Rogers, Content Marketer at Shopify

2 minutes | 22.05.20

If you’re serious about achieving a hefty ROI with content marketing, you’ll at some point notice that one pair of hands is not enough to plan, produce, edit, upload, promote, and analyze all of the c [...]

Hidden opportunities for SaaS companies in an economic downturn with Marc McDougall, CRO Specialist at Clarity First

3 minutes | 14.05.20

In 2011, Ben Horowitz wrote his famous article titled Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO, which outlined how company leaders should change their approach depending on whether they’re enjoying good times of mar [...]

Running a high-performance remote SaaS marketing team with Kevan Lee, VP Marketing at Buffer

2 minutes | 19.03.20

Now that much of the world is suddenly working from home, many of us are looking for ways to improve remote work. Buffer has been fully remote for nine years now, and has teammates in 19 different cou [...]

How to rapidly find product-market fit & scale with Guillaume Moubeche, Co-Founder & CEO at Lemlist

2 minutes | 17.03.20

What does making your customers successful have in common with finding product-market fit? Guillaume Moubeche is CEO & Co-Founder of Lemlist, Lempod, and Lemtalk. While most founders focus on building [...]

How to make OKRs work for your SaaS marketing team with Liz Elfman, Inbound Marketer at Toggl

2 minutes | 11.02.20

Want to improve the results of your SaaS marketing team?  Then it might be time to dive into the world of OKRs.  OKRs are a management framework to help companies and teams align behind key business o [...]

How to optimize your SaaS website for conversion, growth & sales with Jaleh Rezaei, CEO at Mutiny

2 minutes | 16.01.20

What does an effective B2B SaaS website look like, and how can you measure its success? Jaleh Rezaei is CEO & Co-Founder at Mutiny, a YC-backed platform that helps B2B companies personalize their webs [...]