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How to Achieve €3M ARR Attributed to Content Marketing

How much revenue can you tie to your content marketing operations? 

Now, as Chat GPT and Generative AI are part of every other discussion, everyone seems to have become content marketing experts.

  • Need to write a blog post? Ask Chat GPT!
  • Need to send an email to your prospects? Ask Chat GPT!
  • Need to write the script for your next product marketing video? You get it … Ask Chat GPT!

But is that a good plan? Should you place your Content Marketing Strategy in the hands of AI?

Maybe not.

To discuss this, we’re joined by Alexis Chevallier, Former CMO, now Part-Time CMO, who’s successfully achieved 3M in ARR directly attributed to content marketing operations for Content Marketing Agency YouLoveWords.

“Successful content marketing is actually really simple”

"For me, content marketing is the best way to educate, inform, entertain, and teach your audiences. It’s about responding to your customers’ challenges, attracting your target audience by addressing their problems in your content".

Alexis Chevallier, Content-Led Part-Time CMO

We cover:

  • What does a part-time CMO do?
  • What are the requirements for Content Marketing to become a growth engine?
  • What would prevent Content Marketing from supporting growth?
  • How do you get your CEO to understand content marketing?
  • How to achieve 3M in ARR from content marketing
  • How to build a high-performing marketing team?
  • The right split between long and educational content and snack content?
  • What AI is really bringing to content marketing

So, is successful Content Marketing really difficult to implement? Or is it so that most companies misunderstand it? Answer in episode 103 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast with Alexis Chevallier, Content-Led Part-Time CMO.


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