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GPT-3 and How it's a Revolution for Content Marketing

Ryan Law is VP of Content at Animalz, a content marketing agency for SaaS companies. We discussed AI, a game-changing technology for Content Marketing in episode 91 of the Growth Hub Podcast.


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A new era for Content Marketing

Wherever you are on the planet, typing “AI” on Google Image will give you the same results: ‘human-looking robots’ and ‘brains made out of chipsets’. Dystopian worlds depicted in sci-fi novels and movies taught us to think of AI as a technological wonder and a threat capable of mimicking and augmenting the human brain.

Here in the real world, we’re still lightyears away from it.

However, because AI can digest, aggregate, and learn from incredible amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take a normal human brain, we taught it to conduct complex and time-consuming tasks such as … writing.


Meet GPT-3, every writer’s new best friend

In the past few weeks, we’ve been experimenting with GPT-3 (short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), artificial intelligence that can generate human-like text.

“We’ve heard it all before; those things don’t work” … is what I would have said had you asked me last month about my views on writing AIs.

Well, folks, that was before I laid my eyes on GPT-3.


How GPT-3 is a revolution for content marketing, with Ryan Law

To explore the topic and understand how it is indeed a game-changer for content marketing as we know it, we invited Ryan Law, VP of Content at Animalz, to discuss AI in content marketing in our Growth Hub podcast. 

Ryan and his team have been playing around with GPT-3, and he gladly shared his learnings, failures and expectations for AI in Content Marketing.

Here's what we covered in the episode: 

  • What GPT-3 is
  • What it’s great at - and its limits
  • The results of Ryan’s experiments with GPT-3
  • Can GPT-3 replace human writers?
  • AI and ethics: how to use it for good?
  • How AI is expected to impact the world of marketing in the coming years

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  • Letters from a Stoic, by Seneca. "I find it quite interesting that human beings, 2000 years ago, are basically the same as human beings today. It's just the world around us that's very different" — Ryan.
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