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How to acquire high-intent traffic that converts with Alina Benny, SEO & Content Lead at Nextiva

From keyword research to conversions, getting B2B content marketing right requires quite a few steps. You need to identify interesting opportunities, write the actual content, and fight content decay. What's better than a few sound frameworks to follow when figuring it all out?

Alina and the Nextiva demand generation team have grown blog traffic by 500% through a combination of hard work, consistency, and a set of high-quality, systematic SEO and content practices. What's best, she swears by easy-to-follow processes and frameworks, which she shares in this episode.

Alina breaks down all her best practices, including:

  • How to do keyword research
  • A 5-step framework for planning and outlining articles
  • 3 tips for better writing
  • Ways to avoid making your content difficult to read
  • A comprehensive review and editing process
  • How to work with freelancers effectively
  • How to overcome content decay


We hope you get some fresh ideas from this episode of the Growth Hub podcast. Do you have anything to add to Alina's suggestions? You can tweet to us at @NordicEdward and @SaaSGrowthHub.

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