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Content Marketing for Business Growth

What's the role of content in growth?

If we take a moment to go down memory line, in the 2010s a lot of marketing was about content marketing. SaaS B2B content marketing strategies were among the top keywords at the time and everyone started to go into e-book production. This trend has continued. And while there is less gated content these days, content still plays a key role for business growth.

Sonja Jacob is Content Marketing Lead at AppDynamics, a platform that connects application performance and customer experience to business outcomes. Having worked at amazing SaaS companies, including HubSpot, KISSmetrics, DocSend, and Drift, Sonja has more than 10 years of experience in creating content strategies that drive results.

In this episode, Sonja and Edward chat about the role of content in growth, including:

  • How content marketing has evolved over the last 10+ years in B2B SaaS
  • How to create a growth-centered content marketing strategy
  • How to align content with business goals and measure the ROI of content
  • Library vs Publication thinking in content
  • How to diversify risk in your content marketing
  • What content marketers should focus on in 2020 and beyond


Get tangible takeaways and concrete ideas for building a growth-driven content marketing strategy for your B2B SaaS business. And stay tuned to the end of the episode where Sonja takes on our fast five challenge and shares her best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers. 

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