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[Podcast] How to scale and optimize support in a growing SaaS company


Martin Kõiva is the Co-Founder and CEO of Klaus, a customer service quality management platform used by the world’s top hypergrowth companies.

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What is it all about? 

This episode is all about customer support, and Klaus CEO and Co-Founder Martin Kõiva's experience in learning how to deliver great customer experience at scale. 🤩

At his former position as Global Head of Customer Support at Pipedrive, Martin felt the struggles of growing a customer support function (think 7 to 70 support agents) while trying to keep up the quality of conversations. 

And so the idea for Klaus was born: a tool that helps companies ensure the quality of their customer support conversations, no matter how fast they’re growing. 

They also have the best cat-themed brand marketing, but that’s a whole other story. 🐱

As well as touching on how Martin’s team at Klaus approach customer support, you’ll hear about: 

  • The three elements you need for quality customer support
  • What SaaS companies need to build and scale their support function
  • What ‘optimizing customer support’ actually means
  • How to make customer support a competitive differentiator 

Enjoy the episode! 

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