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How to scale up content marketing with Adam Rogers, Content Marketer at Shopify

If you’re serious about achieving a hefty ROI with content marketing, you’ll at some point notice that one pair of hands is not enough to plan, produce, edit, upload, promote, and analyze all of the content you need to produce.

In this episode we talk about how SaaS marketing teams can scale up content marketing. Joining us is Adam Rogers who is a Content Marketer at Shopify, one of the leading service providers for creating and running an online store for your business.

Before working at Shopify, Adam was a content marketing team of one at Kayako where he was competing with the likes of Intercom, Zendesk, and Helpscout. Adam shares his stories and advice of how you can build an efficient and effective content marketing unit that will let you take on your competition. In addition, he talks about:

  • Understanding the why behind your content
  • Why you should focus on longer form evergreen content
  • How you can be savvy with resources to scale up production of this time-consuming content
  • Tips on ensuring quality when scaling
  • Why and how to work with agency and freelance partners
  • How to manage your content marketing operations

We hope this episode provides you with some inspiration to take your content marketing to the next level. To continue the discussion, you can tweet to us at @NordicEdward and @SaaSGrowthHub. Happy listening!


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