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SaaS marketing is broken: How to get more creative with marketing with Matt Epstein, CMO at Rippling

"If you're generating tons of traffic for a crappy product, great marketing will just make your product die faster."

Matt Epstein is CMO at Rippling and an advocate for unoconventional marketing. In this episode, Matt and Edward discuss why SaaS marketing is broken and how marketers can get more creative.

Matt is not known for doing things traditionally and in this episode he breaks down a bunch of his creative marketing exploits, including:

  • How to fish in new ponds
  • How Rippling slashed 50% of their marketing budget but still got 80% of the demos
  • Running an outbound pizza party campaign
  • Getting a cease and desist order from a competitor following a billboard campaign
  • Testing and perfecting messaging with outbound campaigns
  • How to run outdoor campaigns
  • How to build a creative marketing team and foster a culture of creativity
  • How Matt spent almost all his life savings on a campaign to land a job at Google

Tried any of these tactics or have your own creative hack to share? Come continue the discussion on Twitter by tweeting us at @NordicEdward and @SaaSGrowthHub.


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