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2 minutes | Podcast, Strategy, Content, Brand | 12.10.17

Billion dollar marketing strategies with Bill Macaitis, Former CMO at Slack (Podcast)

By Edward Ford

Slack is the fastest growing software application of all time. We've all seen the incredible hockey-stick growth curve and know that it was the quickest company in history to reach Unicorn status. But what we don't know is, how did it actually happen?

To answer that question I caught up with Bill Macaitis, Slack's first marketing hire & CMO, to hear the story of what happened behind the scenes of Slack’s phenomenal growth. In this episode Bill also shares his thoughts, wisdom and learnings on all things marketing including:

  • How Bill handled his first 100 days as CMO of Slack
  • The role of customer centricity in marketing and Slack's hypergrowth
  • How Slack built its brand strategy and how to measure the performance of a brand marketing campaign
  • The role of content marketing as a growth driver
  • How to develop your marketing strategy when going upmarket from the SMB to the mid-market and enterprise sectors
  • The key factors, from a marketing perspective, that enabled Bill to build multiple billion dollar unicorns



Stay tuned for the end of the episode where Bill takes on our Fast Five challenge alongside his best piece of advice for fellow growth leaders.

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