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Bootstrapping to become a multi-million dollar SaaS company, with Nick Harley, VP of Growth at Raygun

In this episode of The Growth Hub podcast, host Edward Ford had the chance to chat with Nick Harley, VP of Growth at Raygun, an application monitoring SaaS company. They discuss how Raygun bootstrapped their way to becoming a multi-million dollar SaaS business.

You should expect to have more failures than wins. Because, if you’re not, then you’re probably not pushing hard enough.” –Nick Harley, VP of Growth at Raygun.

In the episode, Nick shares behind the scenes stories on how he placed Raygun on a growth rocketship with a talented team of 4. He opens up on:

  • The challenges of working from a remote location like Wellington, NZ
  • How to make every penny count by measuring marketing performance
  • The decision to hire generalists vs. specialists
  • The challenges that are inherent to marketing to technical audiences
  • The (many) valuable lessons learned from bootstrapping Raygun


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