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Is the economic downturn a threat or an opportunity?

How do you view the current economic situation — through the threat or the opportunity lens? 

As companies scramble to cut back on budgets, marketers are finding themselves in one of the following situations: 

😱 A panic mode. They’re ready to pack up, head for the hills, and prepare for the worst (threat lens).

🧐 A hyper-focused mode. They're ready to scale back to basics to focus on getting the right fit customers and experiment with new ways of increasing the pipeline (opportunity lens). 

In episode 95 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast, Adam Holmgren (Global Demand Generation Strategy Lead at GetAccept) shares tips and marketing opportunities to capitalize on during an economic downturn. 

Adam, Reeta and Seija cover:

  • The worst mistakes companies can make with their marketing
  • The importance of investing in your brand
  • A mindset shift towards seeking marketing opportunities amidst turbulence
  • How to survive the current economic situation

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