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Behind the Scenes of a 50M ARR Company

Is there a secret formula to successfully grow a B2B SaaS company? 🪄

For episode 100 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast, we got the historic host, Edward Ford, back on the show!

Strategy is where marketing starts

“I think it's really important to talk about strategy because that's where marketing starts. I don't think you can do marketing without understanding what the company strategy is, (...) What got you from 5 to 10M ARR isn’t going to get you from 50 to 100M ARR. It requires strong leadership and a clear vision of where you're going as a company.”
Edward Ford, Demand Generation Director at Supermetrics

After Joining Supermetrics as employee #32 — and marketer #4 — in 2019, Edward is now Demand Generation Director at Supermetrics, a fast-growing SaaS company with a stunning 50M ARR, in a very competitive space.

In this exceptional episode with Edward, we cover:

  • Who should be driving growth?
  • What's the next stage at Supermetrics?
  • A full-funnel brand test Supermetrics ran (and what they learned from it)
  • Where is 'marketing data' going?
  • The alternatives to the traditional attribution models
  • Is there a go-to funnel for B2B SaaS companies?
  • Tune in to hear from Edward Ford, Demand Generation Director at Supermetrics.

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