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Working Agile: Why and Where to Start

Most employees want clarity and want to know what success looks like in their role. You want to know what moves the needle and what your manager expects from you.
Sophie Hedestad, CMO at Netigate.


Do you know what rhymes with Marketing?


I’m talking about planning because we recently welcomed Sophie Hedestad (CMO at Netigate) in episode 94 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast to discuss how marketers can move growth needles by working agile and being more strict with planning things ahead.

Sophie, Reeta and Seija cover:

  • What it means to work agile
  • How can marketing benefit from it  
  • The prerequisites for working agile
  • The benefits of using OKRs in marketing?
  • How deep should one go when setting OKRs
  • Ill-planned OKRs (and how to avoid them)

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