2 minutes | Growth, Brand | 08.10.19

How to Discover What Triggers Your Right Fit Customers To Buy with Katelyn Bourgoin, Growth Strategist (Podcast)

By Edward Ford

When it comes to mapping customer journeys, many of us start from awareness and work our way through to customer loyalty. We tell the story of every experience a customer has with our brand from original engagement to (hopefully) happy customer. 

But the problem with mapping the customer journey based solely on customers’ interactions with your brand is that you’re only getting a tiny part of the story. Your customer’s journey doesn’t revolve around you. Their journey doesn’t begin when they discover you.

Instead, it all begins with a trigger.

To dig deeper into this topic, we spoke with Katelyn Bourgoin, Growth Strategist, Trainer, and 3X founder who was named in Forbes’ list of top female influencers.  

In this episode Katelyn explains how you can identify your right fit customers, what triggers them to buy, and how you can use that to outsmart your competition.

Katelyn also shares:

  • Her trigger technique framework
  • Real-world examples of how marketing teams have leveraged buying triggers for growth
  • How to translate your customers’ buying triggers into actionable marketing tactics



Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Katelyn takes on our fast five challenge and shares her best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers.

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How To Interview Customers Continuously >> www.userinterviews.com/blog/how-to-i…-product-talk
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