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The product narrative framework that made HubSpot a $10B brand

What is narrative design? And how the heck does it apply to businesses?

Marcus Andrews, Product Marketing Group Lead and Narrative Designer at HubSpot, tells us how he borrowed a video game-centric storytelling process and turned it into a usable framework for SaaS businesses.

In this episode, Marcus talks us through his 5-step narrative design framework to craft killer product narratives and launch new products to market:

  1. Identify a massive undeniable change in the world
  2. Create winners and losers of the new and old game
  3. Identify what the change means for businesses
  4. Empathize with your audience
  5. Pitch your solution

Marcus also shares unique behind the scenes stories of different narratives HubSpot has used to grow into a $10B business, including the groundbreaking flywheel model.


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