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How to segment, personalise and automate your sales and marketing at scale with Ed Fry, Growth at (Podcast)

One of the big challenges facing sales, marketing and growth teams is the abundance of customer data scattered across multiple tools and platforms. Ed Fry of knows this all too well so I caught up with him to hear how you can collect all that data to build the ultimate customer profile in order to segment, personalise and automate your sales and marketing — at scale.

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Prior to joining Hull’s growth team, Ed was employee number one at,  the internet's smartest marketing community, and with close to a quarter of a million members this is where Ed first ran into the challenge of delivering automated personalisation at scale. In addition to these topics, Ed talks to us about:

  • What growth really means within the context of B2B SaaS
  • The importance of defining and building your growth model around your North Star Metric
  • His 5-part framework to achieve personalisation at scale alongside how he used email to solve this issue at
  • Why we should stop using the term “Marketing Stack” and use “Customer Stack” instead
  • And the story of how he secured a funding round for over lunch with Rand Fishkin & Dharmesh Shah at MozCon, alongside the tremendous importance of conference beers 


Stay tuned for the end of the episode where Ed shares the 5 tools he’d use to build his customer stack alongside his best piece of advice for SaaS growth leaders.

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