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How to help your sales team sell more with Ben Cotton, Sales Enablement at HubSpot (Podcast)

Ben Cotton is Principal Marketing Manager of Sales Enablement at HubSpot and this episode of The Growth Hub Podcast is all about how marketers can help their sales team to sell more.

We hear about some of the things Ben has done at HubSpot including the roll out of an on-demand service for sales reps called Deal Support that’s influenced over $1.5 Million in revenue, the launch of a sales bootcamp that helped sales reps who were struggling to hit quota, and how Ben has scaled up sales enablement with chatbots.

In addition we hear:

  • Ben’s view on the similarities between football and sales as he talks about weak-link and strong-link thinking
  • How sales and marketing teams can better work together
  • What the best marketers are doing to enable their sales team to succeed
  • How SaaS companies can get started with Sales Enablement


Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Ben takes on our fast five challenge and shares his best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers.

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