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The Creative Curve: Four steps to becoming an ingenious marketer with Allen Gannett, CSO at Skyword (Podcast)

One of the great things about marketing is that it requires you to be both analytical yet creative, and perhaps there are fewer people who know as much about both sides of this coin as Allen Gannett, CSO at Skyword.

Allen is Founder and former CEO of TrackMaven, a SaaS marketing analytics platform, and author of The Creative Curve, a book that breaks down the four laws of creativity.

In this episode we bring these worlds together as we explore the science behind creativity to understand how we as marketers can create things that are both novel and valuable. With real life examples from J.K. Rowling and Kanye West to Ben & Jerry's and Pixar, Allen challenges stereotypes around creativity and explains the science behind achieving creative success in any field, including B2B growth marketing.

This episode covers:

  • What creativity actually is and how we can learn to become creative
  • An introduction and breakdown of The Creative Curve, a step-by-step framework that explains the four laws of creativity
    • 1. Consumption
    • 2. Imitation
    • 3. Creative Communities
    • 4. Iterations
  • How we as marketers can become more creative
  • Creative marketing initiatives Allen and the TrackMaven team have run in the past


Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Allen takes on our fast five challenge and shares his best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers. 

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