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[Podcast] What is competitive intelligence and how to do it right?

If you do competitive analysis by stalking your competitor's website, then creating a table to compare features, and then writing down their value prop and main messages.... this is for you. 

This time on The Growth Hub, we're talking to Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, so we can find out how to actually do competitive analysis. 👀 

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A bit of context

It's a simple truth that most marketers kind of struggle with competitive intelligence. 🤷

During the episode, you’ll hear about competitive intelligence, and more specifically:

  • How to conduct competitive intelligence research and actually impact your revenue with that
  • How to discover and research the right competitors (direct competitors in the same space with a similar product vs. legacy providers in a different category)
  • What the difference between poor & comprehensive competitive intelligence is
  • Who should own competitive intelligence at your company
  • What is the role marketing should play in competitive intelligence 
  • How to measure the whole thing
  • And a lot lot more!

Happy listening! ❤️

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