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[Podcast] What is competitive intelligence and how to do it right?

Jun 29, 2022 Advance B2BAdvance B2B

Last updated 30 June, 2022.

If you do competitive analysis by stalking your competitor's website, then creating a table to compare features, and then writing down their value prop and main messages.... this is for you. 

This time on The Growth Hub, we're talking to Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Head of Competitive Intelligence at ClickUp, so we can find out how to actually do competitive analysis. 👀 

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A bit of context

It's a simple truth that most marketers kind of struggle with competitive intelligence. 🤷

During the episode, you’ll hear about competitive intelligence, and more specifically:

  • How to conduct competitive intelligence research and actually impact your revenue with that
  • How to discover and research the right competitors (direct competitors in the same space with a similar product vs. legacy providers in a different category)
  • What the difference between poor & comprehensive competitive intelligence is
  • Who should own competitive intelligence at your company
  • What is the role marketing should play in competitive intelligence 
  • How to measure the whole thing
  • And a lot lot more!

Happy listening! ❤️

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