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3 minutes | Podcast, Strategy | 17.12.18

Positioning in SaaS: How to stand out in crowded markets with April Dunford, Market Strategy & Positioning Expert (Podcast)

By Edward Ford

If you've ever looked at Scot Brinker's MarTech 5000, then you know the B2B SaaS market is extremely crowded. The modern buyer has a vast amount of options when it comes to software that will help them be more successful in their work. And that's great for buyers, but less so for sellers.

Martech5000Scott Brinker's Martech 5000

So how can you stand out and differentiate within noisy, crowded, and competitive markets?

Well, the answer is positioning.

And to explore this topic in more detail we caught up with April Dunford, an expert on market strategy and positioning in B2B SaaS. Having launched 16 products to market, held multiple executive roles, and secured successful exits, April explains how companies can bring products to market and get them into the hands of customers that are willing to pay for them.

In this episode we explore the world of positioning and what it means for B2B SaaS companies, including:

  • What positioning is and the factors that impact and influence your positioning
  • A step by step walkthrough of a positioning framework you can use to help ensure you reach the right positioning for your product
  • How you can use positioning to stand out in noisy, crowded markets
  • The role of positioning as part of your category strategy
  • Some real life stories of positioning challenges April has faced throughout her career
  • A sneak peek into April’s upcoming book on positioning, Obviously Awesome, and what we can expect when it launches



Stay tuned to the end of the episode where April takes on our fast five challenge and shares her best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers. 

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