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How Growth Marketing Can Support User Activation

Jesus Requena is VP of Growth Marketing at Figma. Formerly VP of Growth at Algolia and Growth Marketing Director at Unity, Jesus has been in the SaaS world for quite some time and he had many golden nuggets to share on user activation and the role of data in it.

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Disclaimer! If you’re used to listening to the show, you might be a little surprised to hear how it sounds!

Reeta Westman — content marketer at Advance B2B — and Seija Lappalainen — Growth marketer at Advance B2B — are now hosting The Growth Hub Podcast!

In this episode, we caught up with Jesus Requena, VP of Growth Marketing at Figma, to hear how he’s done it so far and covered great topics, including:

😎 How Jesus became such a PLG (Product-Led Growth) enthusiast
😎 What makes PLG so interesting for SaaS businesses
😎 The role of growth marketing in user activation
😎 How growth marketing can support PLG
😎 Why data plays a central part in PLG and how to leverage it

Happy listening!

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