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How Founders Can Fix Sales and Marketing Alignment

What do you think your CEO should value more: sales or marketing?

There’s only one right answer to the above, and it’s not marketing.

Hell, it’s not sales either.

The right answer is both.


Dave Kellogg is Executive in Residence at Balderton Capital. He also comes with 10 years of experience both as a CEO and a CMO.

Dave recently wrote “The Founder's Guide to B2B Sales”, and we invited him on the podcast to hear his thoughts on how founders should kickstart selling and what they can do to ensure a strong alignment between Marketing and Sales. 

In part II of episode 97 of the SaaS Growth Hub Podcast, Dave discusses marketing and sales alignment:

  • Why are sales and marketing so often misaligned?
  • … and what to do about it
  • What founders & CEOs should understand about marketing
  • How to find the right balance between building and scaling sales and marketing?

Watch the episode on YouTube.




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