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The content distribution playbook: How to acquire good traffic that converts with Ross Simmonds, Founder & CEO at Foundation Marketing

With more channels, content, and competition out there than ever before, it’s not easy to get your audience’s attention. How can you ensure that the content you work so hard to create will reach your audience?

To compete long-term, make content distribution your priority. 

Ross Simmonds is Founder & CEO at Foundation Marketing and in this episode we’re breaking down the content distribution playbook and exploring how to get good traffic that converts.

Ross has been creating and distributing content ever since he started writing about fantasy football in college and he’s been perfecting the craft of content distribution ever since. Today we dig into this topic and Ross discusses:

  • The role of customer research in content distribution
  • How to bake distribution into your content creation process
  • Why people share content
  • How to distribute and repurpose your content
  • How to convert your traffic into leads, trials, demos, and ultimately customers

Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Ross takes on our fast five challenge and shares his advice on the most important growth metric. 

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