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2 minutes | Podcast, Growth | 10.05.19

The bootstrapper's growth playbook with Mikko Honkanen, Co-founder and CEO at (Podcast)

By Edward Ford

Mikko Honkanen is the Co-founder & CEO at—a bootstrapped Finnish SalesTech SaaS company. Whether you are bootstrapped or not, a CEO, a founder, or working in sales and marketing, you’ll come away from this episode with some invaluable growth lessons and advice.

We go back to Vainu’s early days and discuss where Mikko got the original idea to start Vainu, what they prioritised at the beginning, and how they bootstrapped their growth. While many SaaS companies are obsessed with getting funding and raising capital, Mikko discusses why they decided to fully bootstrap Vainu and what key factors drove their organic growth.

Mikko is also the first ever Finn to come on The Growth Hub Podcast 🇫🇮 (it only took us 34 episodes).

In this episode Mikko shares his experience of growing Vainu, which has bootstrapped its way to +15M ARR, and Mikko talks about:

  • Why the founding team decided to bootstrap
  • How Vainu validated demand and established product market fit
  • Differentiation and positioning within the crowded martech & salestech space
  • Challenges Vainu faced with internationalisation
  • Scaling localised product & marketing
  • How Vainu pivoted their strategy when entering the US market
  • The impact bootstrapping had on Vainu’s go-to-market strategy & demand gen tactics
  • The Vainu sales and marketing playbook



Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Mikko takes on our fast five challenge and shares his best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers.

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