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How to acquire and monetise freemium SaaS customers with Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at HubSpot (Podcast)

Two of the biggest challenges facing SaaS marketers who operate a freemium model is the acquisition of new users and then converting them into paying customers. But that's exactly what Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing & Growth at HubSpot, is responsible for when it comes to their free sales products, so we caught up with Kieran to hear more about how they do it.

In addition to acquisition for HubSpot's sales products and monetising their freemium funnels, Kieran leads HubSpot's global web strategy team and in this episode of The Growth Hub podcast Kieran opens up about what it really takes to build a successful freemium SaaS growth funnel, including:

  • How HubSpot approaches new user acquisition for their free sales tools
  • How to balance between no-touch automation and high-touch human interaction when converting free users into paying customers
  • Best practices when it comes to actual freemium user acquisition and customer conversion tactics
  • How HubSpot runs its global web strategy team to facilitate its growth funnel, including how they relaunched the HubSpot website within 6 weeks ahead of the Inbound conference


Stay tuned for the end of the episode where Kieran shares his top 5 tools that help him with his work alongside his best piece of advice for SaaS growth leaders.

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