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Building Europe's biggest SaaS community with Alex Theuma, Co-Founder of SaaStock (Podcast)

What does it take to build an industry leading conference in a short space time? That's what Alex Theuma did when he set up the first ever SaaStock in 2016, Europe's biggest SaaS conference.

SaaStock 2017 is a must-attend event for everyone working in SaaS, especially if you're based in Europe, so we caught up with Alex to hear more about his journey and how he developed SaaStock into a central component of Europe's SaaS ecosystem. This year's event is taking place from September 18th-20th in Dublin, Ireland, and in this episode Alex talks to us about:

  • The history of the conference and how he got the idea and inspiration to establish SaaStock
  • How he was able to raise a funding round from some of Europe’s top SaaS investors ahead of this year’s event
  • A sneak peak into what attendees can expect from SaaStock 2017
  • SaaStock on Tour, which is a set of mini events being held across Europe in the run up to the main conference in September


Stay tuned for the end of the episode where Alex shares his top 5 tools that help him with his work alongside his best piece of advice for SaaS growth leaders.

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