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How to get +30k organic monthly blog visitors with Karola Karlson, Growth Marketer at Taxify (Podcast)

For a lot of SaaS companies, building an audience and acquiring a steady flow of traffic is one of the big challenges when it comes to growth, brand awareness and ultimately new customer acquisition.

Karola Karlson, growth marketer at Taxify & Aggregate, faced this challenge when she started at Scoro, a work management SaaS company based in Tallinn, Estonia. Despite being relatively new to the field of digital marketing when she started, Karola developed Scoro's content strategy and grew organic monthly blog traffic from 1,6k visitors to 30k visitors in just 20 months! In this episode we talk about how she did that alongside:

  • How to build a growth-focused content marketing strategy
  • Common mistakes B2B marketers make when it comes to content marketing
  • The importance of 10x content and how to balance quality versus quantity in your content marketing
  • A two hour hack to quickly boost your organic traffic
  • Some of the most important SaaS marketing lessons Karola learned during her 20 months working at Scoro 

Stay tuned for the end of the episode where Karola takes on our new Fast Five challenge alongside her best piece of advice for fellow growth leaders.

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Enjoy the show!



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