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[Podcast] Leverage Brand Credibility, Talent and Customer Collaboration to Build Growth

Does your workforce represent your customers?
Does your board represent your customers?
Does your leadership represent your customers?
Harini Gokul

In the latest episode of the Growth Hub Podcast, we had the privilege to chat with Harini Gokul, Head of Customer Success at Amazon Web Services.

With over 20 years of global business experience in companies like IBM, Microsoft and AWS, Harini is laser-focused on customer success.

Now, Harini is also exploring key topics such as diversity and inclusion and how to build the foundations for sustainable growth (and she suggests a couple of great reads on those topics during the episode).

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A bit of context

Long story short, the key to growth is a mix of honesty, transparency and a customer-centric approach.

Here’s what we covered during this great episode: 

  • How to acquire the right talent
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion
  • How to build and maintain brand credibility
  • How to increase collaboration with customers to grow


Happy listening! ❤️

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