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Getting More from your Analytics Setup after Moving to GA4

Mia Mäkipää is Data & Analytics Strategist here at Advance B2B. We invited her on the show to discuss how the latest developments in the data and analytics world are impacting marketing and how to make the best out of it.


In short, the episode covers

  • What a Data & Analytics Strategist (really) does?
  • How our use of cookies is evolving.
  • How Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a good change.
  • The great alternatives to GA4
  • How to solve common data challenges most organizations face.
  • How to grow one’s data literacy skills.


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We need to step up our game

Data is everything. Companies that can harness the power of data and analytics will have a major competitive advantage.

In other words, as the ability to collect AND use data is becoming increasingly important, companies that can leverage data and analytics will be the ones that succeed as they make better decisions, faster.

However, it’s no secret that while most marketing organisations out there collect tons of data, only a fraction of them can translate raw numbers into actions.

A lot of companies lack the ability or resources to actually transform their data insights into usable action. They might have good reporting capabilities, but they don’t have the resources to take these data insights and put it into action.”
— Mia Mäkipää

Now, the latest decisions to increase individuals’ data privacy are a major shift in the short history of web analytics, and will thrive only those getting on that train right now.


Time to freak out celebrate! Hello, Google Analytics 4!

As of October 2022, roughly 55 % of all websites on the internet use Google Analytics Universal.

Of course, change is always scary, especially when it’s affecting most of us.

What’s more, Google Analytics 4 is not just an update of Google Analytics Universal; it entirely shifts our perception of web analytics from (if we simplify it) views to events.

Like everyone, Mia took a hit when first entering the world of GA4. But she quickly learned to appreciate it.

GA4 is different. It took me a while to understand it and learn how to work with it. And, ultimately, really start to appreciate it!

(And so should you!)

Listen to the episode to learn more!


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