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How to map the B2B SaaS customer journey & attribute revenue

The #1 principle of growth marketing is to figure out what works and double down on that. To do that, you need attribution. In this episode we dig into mapping the customer journey and attributing revenue to different touchpoints.

Joining us is Steffen Hedebrandt, Chief Revenue Officer at Dreamdata and a subject matter expert in connecting marketing activities with revenue. With Steffen we cover:

  • How to map the customer journey
  • How to attribute revenue between different teams and marketing channels
  • Which attribution model Steffen thinks B2B SaaS marketing teams should use (first touch, last touch, or something else?)
  • How Steffen and his team do attribution at Dreamdata

Hope you enjoy it! Share your thoughts by tweeting to us at @SaaSGrowthHub or @NordicEdward.

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