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A peek inside the UK's fastest growing SaaS company with Octave Auger, VP of Marketing at Paddle (Podcast)

"Everything is always on fire, but some fires are more likely to kill you." 

Octave Auger knows the many challenges that SaaS marketers face. With over a decade of experience scaling B2C and B2B marketing at some of the fastest growing start-ups and scale-ups in Europe, he’s learned his fair share of lessons along the way.

Octave is currently VP of Marketing at Paddle, a SaaS platform for software companies to run and grow their business. When he joined just over two years ago, he was the first hire in the marketing team. Paddle has been called “The best kept secret in Europe” and it’s also the fastest growing software company in the UK.

In this episode we get a peek inside their business to figure out what they did and what we can learn from Paddle. We go from marketing strategy and building a minimum viable brand all the way to customer acquisition tactics and demand gen initiatives. We also hear about the role ice cream played in Paddle’s journey to becoming the fastest growing software company in the UK. 🍦

This episode covers:

  • How Octave built the marketing function and scaled the team from scratch
  • How Paddle's marketing strategy evolved over time as the business grew and the team expanded
  • How they balance priorities and focus their marketing efforts 
  • The most impactful demand gen tactics and initiatives
  • What they learned through the challenges of growing Paddle 
  • The best moves they’ve made in marketing over the past couple of years  


Stay tuned to the end of the episode where Octave takes on our fast five challenge and shares his best piece of advice for fellow SaaS marketers.

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