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How Typeform grew to +$10M in ARR with Pedro Magriço, Director of Growth (Podcast)

The very first episode of The Growth Hub podcast is here and we are delighted to announce that Pedro Magriço, Director of Growth at Typeform, has joined us for episode número uno.

Pedro joined the Barcelona-based company in 2013 when they had just 10 employees and the product was in closed beta. Now Typeform employs over 160 people and has achieved double digit ARR in the millions.

In this episode Pedro tells us about:

  •  The evolution of Typeform’s growth team and how they operate

  •  How typeform built virality into their product with one simple button

  •  A small tweak Typeform made to their onboarding process that increased the conversion quality of visitors into users

  •  How typeform retains their users and minimises churn

  •  Typeform’s growth-model, their viral-loop, and some of their most successful growth-tactics

Stay tuned for the end of the interview where Pedro shares his top 5 tools that help him get his work done, as well as his one golden piece of actionable advice for other SaaS growth leaders.

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Enjoy the show!



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