Marketing as
a Service 📈

We work closely together with your team to make marketing a revenue center instead of a cost center. 💰

Strategy + tactics = sustainable revenue growth 📊

We help you turn your marketing into a strategic growth engine to: 

  1. Minimize CAC
  2. Rocket your MRR
  3. Maximize CLV

You can accelerate your tech business growth when you’ve nailed down your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), your positioning in the market, and the way you differentiate your product or service from its market alternatives

But that’s only the first step. Then, comes the next part — customers. 

Marketing is often mistakenly measured in new customer acquisition alone. That’s only one part of the equation.☝️ 

To achieve revenue growth, you’ll also need to activate and retain your existing customers and help them buy more from you. 

The goal is to help your customers become so successful that they want to stay, buy more, and promote your company to their peers.

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How we work



Step 1: Marketing Strategy / Playbook

  • No two companies are the same. That’s why we’ll start by getting to know your business, analyzing your current state, and mapping out your biggest growth opportunities.
  • In the initial strategy phase, we’ll run workshops with your team to identify your business goals and get to know your best customers by interviewing them.
  • The outcome of this phase is the first version of a documented strategy / playbook that will guide our collaboration going forward.



Step 2: Agile marketing operations

  • Each 4-week sprint begins with a sprint planning session, where we select the tasks for the upcoming sprint. 
  • Every Monday, we have a 15-minute scrum to make sure that everyone knows what’s going to happen that week.
  • Every Friday, you'll receive a weekly report of progress regarding the ongoing tasks & chosen KPIs.
  • At the end of each sprint, we have a retrospective, where we walk through the results, analyze our performance, and determine the focus for the next sprint.

Things we are interested in during the strategy phase 👉

Goals & priorities

  • What are the biggest growth opportunities and bottlenecks? NB / Retention / Upsell / Cross-sell / Acquiring free trial or freemium users / Lead capture / something else?
  • Company growth goals prioritized, per segment / market / product / business
  • Where should the company be 5-10 years from now?

Market & customer

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), i.e. who are the best customers?
  • Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), i.e. use cases over buyer personas: what is the problem the best-fit customers are trying to solve with the product?
  • What are the direct and indirect alternatives?

Some examples of what can be done within the sprints:

🚀 Growth Marketing:

Email workflows, A/B testing, chatbot playbooks, technical SEO, CRO, optimizing product pages, building & testing landing pages, defining buying journeys, etc.


📈 Data & analytics: 

Building dashboards, setting up & optimizing Google Analytics (e.g. updating GA events, goal conversions, and GTM tags or setting up proper GA structure for properties and views), etc.

🔥 Strategy work:

Customer research, brand strategy, value proposition & key messaging, etc.


🖥 HubSpot: 

Onboarding, optimizing, reporting, etc.


💰 Paid ads:

Set-up, running & optimizing, keyword research, retargeting, experimenting, etc.

📝 Content:

Content strategy, SEO, blog posts, articles, reference cases, newsletter, onboarding emails, ebooks, product explainer videos, podcasts, webinars, etc.


🎨 Graphics & Design:

Infographics, slides, ebooks, banners, websites, sales presentations, etc.

How does it work? Watch this case study webinar with our customer Virta Ltd. ⚡️

It's a lot like buying from an agency. But easy.


€ 8 000
per month

50 credits per month

1-3 dedicated team members based on the needed expertiese

Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer

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€10 500
per month

65 credits per month

2-3 dedicated team members based on the needed expertiese

Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist

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€ 15 500+
per month

100+ credits per month based on your needs

3+ dedicated team members based on the needed expertiese

Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist, HubSpot consultant

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We work with growth-seeking B2B tech companies to help them find, keep, and grow the right customers.

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Should we grow together?

We’d love to tell you that our services are perfect for anyone and everyone. But the truth is that the more you nod at these, the better it'll work:

  • You're working in a tech company
  • You’re looking for a long-term, strategic partner, not just help with an individual campaign. 
  • You have clear growth targets and an agile growth mindset, and you're able and/or willing to give us access to your data.
  • You’re ready to invest somewhere between 8 000 € - 30 000 € per month in the partnership.

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