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Marketing as a Service

We speak marketing, but we first and foremost speak business and are strongly value-driven. For this reason, everything we recommend or do is aligned with your realities and goals, and in the spirit of the venerable sales and marketing alignment.

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How we work

Step 1

Craft your marketing strategy

We live by a set of rules and processes that allow us to deliver outstanding work while sticking to the schedule. And we’re not pulling this out of our 🍑.

  • Each business is different. That’s why we always start by getting to know your business; during what we call the strategy phase, we do a data deep dive to learn about your products and analyze your current state, run workshops with your team to get your side of the story
  • We also talk to your customers to get their side of the story and figure out your ICP, and map out your biggest growth opportunities.
  • We challenge your positioning to ensure you compete in the right space: if you didn’t exist, what would your customers do? What makes you special?
  • The outcome is the first version of a documented playbook that will guide our collaboration going forward.
  • We typically follow the Pirate Funnel (also known as AAARRR funnel) to split your entire business performance according to the customer journey to identify bottlenecks and maximize the impact of our actions. Of course, we’ll consider using another framework if it’s a better fit for your business.
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Step 2

Agile marketing operations

Acting as one team isn’t just something we say; it’s what we do. We believe that full collaboration and transparency between our marketers and your teams allows for out-of-the-box and creative thinking so that the magic happens.

  • Monthly sprints: Each sprint begins with a sprint planning session, where we agree on the upcoming sprint’s tasks.
  • Weekly scrums: On Mondays, we hold 15-minute scrums to keep track of the sprint tasks and ensure everyone’s aware of the focus of the week.
  • Weekly reports: On Fridays, we send a report of the work done during the week.
  • Monthly retrospectives: We end each sprint with a retrospective, where we sit together, analyze our performance in relation to our objectives, and determine the focus for the next sprint.
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Our winning growth marketing strategy for Vapaus

“The entire strategy work went really smoothly. I was surprised by how quickly things progressed and strategy materials were delivered to us. It was all done in a couple of sprints. It was quick, comprehensive, and clear.”

Lotta Vänskä
Growth Lead, Vapaus

Lotta Vänskä

Let’s think big, together

Typical break of the focus during our sprints

We can do anything—within reason, fixing your printer really is out of the question. But here’s an out-of-context view of what we mean by breaking down the funnel based on your bottlenecks, and what we can do about it. As an inspired someone said one day, “The sky is the limit”. 



  • No one seems to know about our product...


  • Producing a content plan to establish your authority on the market.
  • Run targeted awareness advertising campaigns on key channels.



  • We receive traffic, but no conversions


  • Optimize the on-page experience so that it meets the reasoning and expectations of the previous click.
  • Align advertising and on-page experience.
  • Optimize your technical ecosystem to ensure no lead goes through the net.



  • The leads we generate aren’t relevant 


  • Review, experiment and adjust advertising targeting.
  • Ensure your conversion points are aligned with your ICP’s struggles.
  • Review your lead scoring process



  • We get plenty of free trials, but no paid users.


  • Review your targeting and ensure alignment with the ICP.
  • Experiment with messaging to show the value gap between a free trial or freemium account and a paid account.



  • Our customers keep churning! 


  • Explore the triggers for churn and whether or not it could be avoided by refining the ICP.
  • optimize customer touchpoints to show more value, within reason (churn isn’t just a marketing issue).



  • We get no social proof!


  • Work on poignant customer stories.
  • Plan joint communication such as webinars and roundtables to give your customers a voice and the recognition they deserve.

We leave no stone unturned


What we value most to build your strategy

Surprise, surprise; there’s no ready marketing template for all B2B tech companies.

We know that, and we leave no stone unturned to draft a marketing playbook that makes sense for your organization and objectives.

Your goals, priorities, and bottlenecks

  • What are your greatest growth opportunities and bottlenecks? New Business, retention, upsell, cross-sell, acquiring free trial or freemium users, lead capture, or something else?
  • What your goals are and how should we prioritize them from a segment, market, product, or business perspective?
  • Where do you see your company 5 to 10 years from now?

Your market situation & customers

  • Who are the best customers? We always build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as a foundation of our work.
  • Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), i.e. use cases over buyer personas: what is the problem the best-fit customers are trying to solve with the product?
  • What are the direct and indirect alternatives?
  • What’s your current positioning?

How much does it cost? It depends!



€ 8,000


  • 50 credits* /month
  • 1-3 dedicated team members based on the needed expertise
  • Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer


€ 10,400


  • 65 credits /month
  • 2-3 dedicated team members based on the needed expertise
  • Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist


€ 16,000 +


  • 100+ credits /month
  • 3+ dedicated team members based on the needed expertise
  • Example team: marketing strategist, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist, HubSpot consultant


* Wait, what’s a credit? Depending on the scope, each task or project is attributed a certain amount of credits. The greater the task, the more credits.


Still not convinced?

Hear it from our customers!

You probably don’t care so much about us saying how great we are… And we can’t blame you.

We work with growth-seeking B2B tech companies and help them find and keep the right customers. And from the look of it, they’re quite happy about us.

Riikka Henttonen

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