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We work closely together with your team to make marketing a revenue center instead of a cost center. 💰

Brand + tactics = sustainable revenue growth 📊

When other people talk about growth marketing, they usually mean tactical performance marketing that’s measured in new customer acquisition alone.

However, in highly competitive fields like B2B SaaS and Subscription, tactics will only get you so far.

In fact, they won’t get you anywhere until you’ve nailed down who your ideal customers are, how you position your company in the market, and the way you differentiate your product or service from its market alternatives.

Besides, new customer acquisition is only one part of your growth equation. You’ll also need to retain your old customers and help them buy more from you. 

And that’s why when we talk about growth marketing, we mean a combination of strategic brand marketing and tactical performance marketing that attacks your growth bottlenecks head-on, and helps you not only win new customers but also keep and grow your existing ones.

Neat, right? 

Learn how we achieved over 100% growth in revenue, # of customers, and website  traffic with Virta


How we work

Step 1: Growth marketing strategy

No two companies are the same. That’s why we’ll start by getting to know your business, analyzing your current state, and mapping out your biggest growth opportunities.

In the initial strategy phase, we’ll run workshops with your team to identify your business goals and get to know your best customers by interviewing them.

The outcome of this phase is the first version a documented growth marketing strategy that will guide our collaboration going forward.

Things we are interested in at this point 👉

Goals & priorities

  • What are the biggest growth opportunities and bottlenecks? NB / Retention / Upsell / Cross-sell / Acquiring free trial or freemium users / something else?
  • Company growth goals prioritized, per segment / market / product / business
  • Where should the company be 5-10 years from now?

Market & customer

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), i.e. who are the best customers?
  • Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), i.e. use cases over buyer personas: what is the problem the best-fit customers are trying to solve with the product?
  • What are the direct and indirect alternatives?

Step 2: Agile marketing operations

  • Each 4-week sprint begins with a sprint planning session, where we select the tasks for the upcoming sprint. 
  • Every Monday, we have a 15-minute scrum to make sure that everyone knows what’s going to happen that week.
  • Every Friday, you'll receive a weekly report of progress regarding the ongoing tasks & chosen KPIs.
  • At the end of each sprint, we have a retrospective, where we walk through the results, analyze our performance, and determine the focus for the next sprint.

Things we can do within the sprints:

  • Growth Marketing: Email workflows, A/B testing, chatbot playbooks, technical SEO, CRO, optimizing product pages, building & testing landing pages, defining buying journeys, etc.
  • Data & analytics: building dashboards, setting up & optimizing Google Analytics (e.g. updating GA events, goal conversions, and GTM tags or setting up proper GA structure for properties and views), etc.
  • Paid ads: set-up, running & optimizing, keyword research, retargeting, experimenting, etc.
  • Content: content strategy, SEO, blog posts, articles, reference cases, newsletter, onboarding emails, ebooks, product explainer videos, podcasts, webinars, etc.
  • Graphics & Design: infographics, slides, ebooks, banners, websites, sales presentations, etc.
  • HubSpot: onboarding, optimizing, reporting, etc.
  • Strategy work: customer research, brand strategy, value proposition & key messaging, etc.

Our credit model in short

  • Credits = m0n€yy: Your monthly retainer fee is converted into “agile credits" (e.g. 10 500 € 👉 70 cr). 
  • Each task has a credit value: Every marketing task (e.g. blog post, paid acquisition campaign, web page design) is given a credit value (e.g. SEO research & keyword analysis = 8 cr).
  • Admin credits: for planning, analyzing, reporting, partnership management & communication we allocate 13-16 credits each month based on your retainer size.
  • Allocated monthly: Credits are allocated to marketing tasks each sprint. If needed, you can loan credits from the upcoming sprints or purchase extra credits (e.g. a new product launch and more work is needed than usually).
  • Advance B2B suggests how to use credits: Based on the retrospective, we suggest a sprint plan (i.e. what marketing operations should be prioritized), and you make the final decision.

How does it work? Watch this case study webinar with our customer Virta Ltd. ⚡️

Learn how we achieved over 100% growth in revenue, # of customers, and website  traffic with Virta

Why Advance B2B?



Instead of blindly following the same marketing playbook with all our customers, we approach each new partnership with a purpose-built growth marketing strategy.

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Outcomes over outputs

We don't measure the number of campaigns, blog posts, and other outputs we produce. Instead, we focus on measuring how much business these outputs are bringing in.



Our diverse expertise, experience working with various SaaS & Subscription companies, and agile sprint model allows us to quickly scale marketing efforts.

👉 Who we work with


A comprehensive skill set

We have over 40 experts who specialize in all areas of growth marketing (SaaS GTM, demand generation strategies, marketing technologies, brand & content, SEO, paid advertising, etc.)

Here’s why our customers like us


Advance B2B has been an invaluable resource in our growth journey. They really spent time learning about our target audience and our specific growth needs, assembled a great team that filled the skill gaps of my in-house team, and consistently delivered high-quality work week after week.

I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and the sense of true partnership the Advance B2B team brought, and my in-house team has learned many best practices from the AB2B team.”

Rudan Zhang

VP of Marketing, Shortcut


“We are a B2B SaaS company that offers e-learning solutions. We realized that we needed to scale our marketing efforts, and we chose Advance B2B to help us with that, mainly because of their experience with similar B2B SaaS companies. 

We started our cooperation by identifying our ICP, and from that ICP work, we realized that there was a lot of development work that we needed to do with our positioning. Advance B2B was there to help us along the entire way. 

With many organizations of our size, it isn’t possible to hire all of the experts needed for a marketing team. We would’ve needed to hire over 10 in-house marketers to cover everything from growth marketing, paid ads, content marketing, data analytics, etc. So we really value that we can have all of the best experts from Advance B2B whenever needed.”

Arttu Kotakorpi

Sales at Mediamaisteri

Learn how we help Mediamaisteri go from high-touch to low(er)-touch

At Virta, we have a really capable in-house marketing team, but our scope of needs is so wide that external help is very much needed. When it comes to digital marketing—like SEO, SEA, content marketing, web development, and Hubspot knowledge—Advance B2B brings the expertise that we’re lacking. They also bring a fresh pair of eyes and ideas from outside of our industry. I especially appreciate our communication and the sprint agile model way of working. As a client, I feel very taken care of."

Markus Linden

Head of Digital Marketing, Virta

Learn more about our work with Virta

For fellow marketers in B2B SaaS companies like ours, I would recommend you look for partners like Advance B2B because they will make sure you’re focusing on the right things and that you’re able to accelerate your own learning.”

Saara Saalamo

Marketing Lead, RecRight

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niko howspace

We weren’t looking for a traditional marketing agency, but a partner who understands SaaS and would help us grow rapidly. When you keep seeing these kinds of results, it’s hard to be anything but excited.”

Niko Nykänen

COO, Howspace

Learn more about our work with Howspace

We had a great experience working with the Advance B2B team. They were incredibly dedicated to producing exactly what we wanted and providing guidance along the way. We highly recommend working with them!”

Daniel J. Murphy

Director of Product Marketing, Drift

It's a lot like buying from an agency. But easy.


EUR 7 000
per month

  • 45 credits per month
  • 1-3 dedicated team members based on your needs
  • Example team: growth marketer, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist
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EUR 10 500
per month

  • 70 credits per month
  • 2-3 dedicated team members based on your needs
  • Example team: growth marketer, content marketer, marketing technology consultant
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EUR 15 000+
per month

  • 100+ credits per month based on your needs
  • 3+ dedicated team members based on your needs
  • Example team: growth marketer, content marketer, paid acquisition specialist, web developer
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Should we do growth marketing together? 🤩

We’d love to tell you that our growth marketing services are perfect for anyone and everyone. But the truth is that the more you nod at these, the better it'll work:

  • You're working with SaaS, Subscription, or B2B online sales business with a low-touch or no-touch sales model (or you have plans & ambition to move that way in the near future full-blown or hybrid).
  • You’re looking for a long-term, strategic partner, not just help with an individual campaign. 
  • You have clear growth targets and an agile growth mindset, and you're able and/or willing to give us access to your data.
  • You’re ready to invest somewhere between 7 000 € - 20 000 € per month in the partnership.

If you think this might be the thing you've been looking for, the only logical step is... 👉