B2B marketing strategy audit

Make marketing business’s best friend - audit your marketing strategy. 📈


When marketing and business don't meet...

One of the most common obstacles to growth is having a marketing strategy that is not in line with the business.

How this typically shows up is an internal misalignment in crucial business elements: positioning, ideal customers, target audiences, focus, and goals. 🖖

When marketing and business think about these elements differently, growth grinds.


Why audit your B2B marketing strategy?

For marketing to influence business, it must understand business. The first step is to align the marketing strategy with the business goals.

If you think that marketing and business don’t see eye to eye in one or more of the following areas, it is time to audit your marketing strategy:

  • Goals – unclear, contradictory, or disconnected from each other
  • Positioning – missing or understood in different ways
  • Ideal customers – not defined or understood in different ways
  • Target audience – is either too broad or too narrow
  • Focus – missing or unclear (can be related to marketing priorities, company story, main messages, etc.)

Auditing the above aspects of your marketing strategy will help you to update your strategy to align with the business and move the needle in key metrics.


Get the marketing strategy audit if you want to…

  • Find out how effective your marketing strategy is
  • See if your marketing and business are aligned
  • Uncover gaps in your marketing strategy in relation to business
  • Understand if customers see you the way you want them to

This is how the marketing strategy audit process goes 👇


Here's how we work (total duration 1,5-2 weeks)




And this is what you'll get 🙌

At the end of the marketing strategy audit, you’ll get an audit document that includes:

  • A summary of survey results
  • All relevant findings from the interviews
  • Our view on where your marketing and business align and where you have gaps or misalignment
  • Our recommendations on how you can improve your marketing strategy and bring marketing closer to business 

Why should you audit your B2B marketing strategy with us?

Because we have both updated and created marketing strategies for dozens of B2B tech companies!

We’ve seen both the troubles of marketing and business misalignment and the magic that happens when those two are brought together. 🤩

Here are some happy customers 👇🏻

Here’s what our customers say 😍


The entire strategy work went really smoothly. I was surprised by how quickly things progressed and strategy materials were delivered to us. It was all done in a couple of sprints. It was quick, comprehensive, and clear.”

Lotta Vänskä

Growth Lead, Vapaus

Learn more about our work with Vapaus

One of the most important things that happened during the strategy phase was that we were finally able to make certain business decisions that had not been so easy for us in the past. What we’re looking forward to with Advance B2B is to make marketing the key revenue driver for Gapps in the near future.”

Niko Kultalahti

Head of Marketing, Gapps

Learn more about our work with Gapps

Benefits of marketing strategy audit

  • You'll find gaps in marketing and business strategy
  • You'll understand what is needed to close those gaps
  • You'll understand how marketing is viewed by internal stakeholders and customers
  • You'll uncover issues that hinder growth
  • You'll be able to redirect marketing to be more aligned with business goals

Who is the B2B marketing strategy audit for?

We’d love to tell you that our strategy audit is perfect for everyone. But the truth is that we work best with B2B technology, SaaS, and subscription companies.

So, if you want to get the most out of our marketing strategy audit, you are

  • A B2B company that already has a marketing strategy

Psst! If you don’t yet have a marketing strategy, you might want to start with customer research,  which is the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. 

Let's do it! 🤩