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B2B marketing strategy audit

Let’s turn marketing into your business’s best friend

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When marketing and business don't meet...

… nothing good happens.

One of the most common obstacles to growth is a marketing strategy that isn’t aligned with the real business objectives (yes, that happens).

This typically shows as an internal misalignment in crucial business elements:


Ideal Customer profiles (ICP),

Target audiences and markets,

Overall focus and goals.

And when marketing and business don’t align on the above, growth suffers.

Our successful growth marketing strategy for Vapaus

“The entire strategy work went really smoothly. I was surprised by how quickly things progressed and strategy materials were delivered to us. It was all done in a couple of sprints. It was quick, comprehensive, and clear.”

Lotta Vänskä
Growth Lead, Vapaus


For marketing to influence business, it must understand business


When to audit your marketing strategy?

If you think that marketing and business don’t see eye to eye in one or more of the following areas, it is time to audit your marketing strategy.

For marketing to influence business, it must understand business. And so the first step is to align the marketing strategy with the business goals:

  • Goals – unclear, contradictory, or disconnected from each other
  • Positioning – missing or understood in different ways
  • Ideal customers – not defined or understood in different ways
  • Target audience – is either too broad or too narrow
  • Focus – missing or unclear (can be related to marketing priorities, company story, main messages, etc.)

Auditing the above elements of your marketing strategy will help align with your business direction and significantly increase the impact of your marketing operations on your bottom line.

We believe in qualitative research

Note! The point of the audit is not to determine how well or badly marketing is doing. The purpose is to find out how marketing strategy aligns with the business.


The questions are related to business and marketing strategy: positioning, ideal customers, target audience, goals, and focus areas.

2-4 interviews with marketing

The interviews deepen the understanding of the marketing strategy and the relationship between marketing and business.

2-4 interviews with leadership

The interviews deepen the understanding of the marketing strategy and the relationship between marketing and business.

5 interviews with customers (optional)

Customer interviews are used to find out how customers see your company and whether it is in line with what you are trying to achieve as a company.

Adding customer interviews gives you a 360° view of your marketing strategy and lets you see if it lines up with what you’re trying to achieve as a company.

Our growth marketing strategic work for Gapps

“One of the most important things that happened during the strategy phase was that we were finally able to make certain business decisions that had not been so easy for us in the past. What we’re looking forward to with Advance B2B is to make marketing the key revenue driver for Gapps in the near future.” 

Niko Kultalahti
Head of Marketing, Gapps


Here's how the process goes

If the conclusions for each marketing strategy review project are unique, our process is universal. In the course of 2 to 4 weeks, we follow a step-by-step process: 

#1 - Kickoff workshop

Kickoff workshop during which we validate the scope of the project.

#2 - Reviewing your existing strategic assets

You give us access to your existing marketing and business strategies assets and provide us with a list of experts to talk to.

#3 - Prepping surveys and interviews

We send out surveys and book company interviews.

#4 - Conducting interviews

We proceed to interviewing marketing, key stakeholders and, if needed, a couple of ICP customers.

#5 - Aggregating data

We go through the insights collected via the survey and the expert interviews and aggregate them to identify trends.

#6 - Walking you through our findings

We present our findings and share a master document—including our recommendations—with you and your team.

The Master document includes: 

  • A summary of survey results
  • All relevant findings from the interviews
  • Our clear view of where your marketing and business align and where we found gaps and misalignment
  • Our recommendations on how to improve your marketing strategy and bring marketing closer to your core business 

Why work with Advance B2B?

We are experienced

We have successfully updated and created marketing strategies for dozens of B2B tech companies.

We have clear processes

We have developed strict processes over the years to leave no stone unturned as we proceed to audit a strategy phase.

We are data-driven

We pay attention to data and facts. Our purpose isn’t to show you what you want to hear. Our purpose is to deliver quality work that will, in turn, make you happy.

We have a proven track record

We’ve been a proud strategic partner to many businesses in the past decade. Don’t listen to what we say. Listen to what our customers say.

Who is the B2B marketing strategy audit for?

We’d love for our strategy audit process to be a one-size-fits-all, but it’s not.

We’ll be a match if you are:

  • A B2B tech company
  • You already have a marketing strategy
  • You need help to realign your ducks in a row
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How much will this strategic audit cost?

It depends!


Let's have a talk!

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