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Inbound marketing is about 10x more efficient than traditional marketing (outbound marketing)*


Inbound marketing is based on attracting the potential buyer to engage in dialogue with the company. The buyer has given a consent to marketing and knows to expect it. Inbound marketing is efficient because buyers have learned to ignore interruptive, pushy marketing.

Inbound marketing aims to guide the customer to useful information provided by the seller as the customer is searching for information on social media or via search engines. The information can inspire change or provide a solution to an already acknowledged problem.

After earning the buyer’s attention, the company can offer valuable material to create a deeper understanding. As an exchange for the material (e.g. guide), the company receives the buyer’s contact information. It is a fair trade for both parties: the buyer receives useful information and the selling company gains an identified lead. This way the company will be able to actively guide the buyer through the buying process.

Even though B2B buyers represent their company, inbound marketing addresses the buyers as individuals. The communication is based on the information of the buyer as an individual: information publicly available, the information the buyer has shared on a form, and the online behavior of the buyer on the company’s website.

Inbound marketing is personal, which is why the customers feel like they are receiving help, not being disturbed. Therefore, inbound marketing drives results.

Gartner, 2012

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See how Questback grew their leads by 237,5% with inbound marketing.


How does inbound marketing work?

1. Be found, be present

Buyer personas. In order to create compelling content for the buyers, we need to understand what they are interested in and puzzled by during different stages of the buying process. The  buyer personas are the best way to understand and communicate to your customers better. The buyer persona is a representation of your customers created by combining customer behavior data, views of the employees of your company and insight gained through interviewing your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will ensure that the buyers find your information online. 

Social Media. Social media is an important source of information for many buyers and for companies; it’s a way to contact the buyers who are not actively looking for information. "Content is fire, social media is gasoline" –Jay Baer

2. Identify visitors

Website visitors. A buyer attracted to the website is still a stranger to the company. If the visitor is convinced of the company’s expertise and reliability, a trade-off is possible: the buyer gives his/her contact information to the company in exchange for useful information.

Converting content. By analyzing which marketing content (e.g. webinar, guide or blog post sign-ups) brings the most traffic and leads to receiving the buyer’s contact information (conversion), you acquire valuable data to develop your marketing.

3. Sell to the right buyers

Customer profile. Every identified visitor is not ready to buy and doesn’t necessarily fit the targeted customer profile. Therefore, it’s important to identify the right visitors who are willing to buy. This is possible with the information you have of the lead: which information is publicly available, what has the person shared with your company and how have they behaved on your company website.

Nurturing campaign. Sometimes the potential buyer has the need, interest, budget and the authority to make the purchase decision, but the purchase is not yet relevant. You can still seize the opportunity and build a nurturing campaign to maintain top of mind until buying becomes current.

Inbound-sales. This allows your sales team to spend time on leads who have an identified need and are ready to buy. The time saved from new customer acquisition will lead to reduced costs and improved sales.

4. Turn your customers into promoters

Referrals. The referral from a trusted colleague has a greater impact on the buying process than any message from the selling company. That is why it is a crucial part of inbound marketing to serve existing customers so well that they will recommend the company and do marketing for you.

Customer experience. Delighting customers will also improve customer experience and increase customer loyalty. As an example, you can use your marketing automation system in customer on-boarding to provide them tips on how to use your service even more efficiently. The important thing is that inbound marketing doesn’t end with closing the deal.

Our inbound marketing services

We plan, execute, measure, and continuously develop inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing requires consistent work, which is why we offer long-term commitment with a true partnership. Inbound marketing is not a shortcut to success but will deliver results with a dedicated partner.

Inbound marketing is always “on” and constantly developed based on data. Every week and every month we analyze whether the marketing actions implemented are working and driving results as planned. If not, we adjust accordingly. We offer a service that has proven to deliver the best results. That is why we offer a partnership, not projects.

Inbound marketing planning

Inbound marketing is results-driven. Our collaboration always starts with defining quantitative and qualitative marketing objectives and planning the actions to reach those objectives.

The inbound marketing campaigns are based on knowing the buyers i.e. buyer personas. An inbound marketing campaign focuses on a specific theme to a defined buyer persona, guiding the buyer persona towards becoming a customer.

Content production

Inbound marketing is based on compelling content. We create a content strategy for each inbound campaign, which defines a clear objective for each piece of content and positions the content as a part of a wider framework.

Depending on the objectives and buyer personas the content may be a blog, webinar, ebook, guide, podcast etc. We warmly recommend engaging your company’s experts in the content production.

Publishing and optimizing via marketing automation

Efficient inbound marketing requires marketing automation software which gathers all the pieces of an inbound marketing campaign together and saves time from routines.

We offer support in choosing, deploying and using marketing automation to drive results. We are a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

Request a free customer journey analysis.

Do you know what you can do to improve your customers’ buying process and generate more sales? Our analysis of the customer’s journey will help you understand which are your company’s crucial interactions with the customer, evaluate the quality of those interactions and suggest how your company can guide the buyer through the buying process. As a result of the analysis, you will have a concise report and a "checkup diploma” including action points for improvement.