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We build HubSpot websites that bring brands to life

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Anyone can build your website

Bringing two websites into one for Heeros

Heeros' collaboration with Advance B2B was characterized by professionalism, creativity, and a deep commitment to achieving set objectives. The project not only went live on time and within budget—a rarity in such complex endeavors—but also brought a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to the team members.

Jarno Lehikoinen
Chief Revenue Officer, Heeros

Jarno Lehikoinen 1

More than just a storefront

Most B2B websites suck.

They may have good looks (if even) and load fast, but the one thing that they don’t do very well is sell. But isn’t selling (may it be services, products, or ideas) the whole point of having a website in the first place?

While keeping the look and feel in mind, we build HubSpot websites that bring your brand to life and support all areas of your business and that give your sales and marketing teams the data they need, and:

  • Make your website leverage the entire HubSpot ecosystem and integrate it with your first-party customer data.
  • Ensure you can use your CRM data to create personalized experiences on-site.
  • Help you make the most out of HubSpot’s Content Hub (AI-powered content generation/translation, A/B testing, SEO recommendations through SEMRush, video and podcast hosting, etc.)
  • Make use of your website analytics to segment your marketing and sales actions in the most relevant and impactful ways.
  • Build websites you can actually update and optimize yourself.
  • Don’t deliver empty shells. We produce copy that’s aligned with your brand, resonates with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), and is optimized for search engines. 

How we typically approach website projects

Whatever the project, we follow a strict process to ensure that our deliverables respect and support your brand and business.

#1 - Figuring things out

  • We organize a kick-off meeting to go over your primary target audiences and all the relevant technical details. We also cover functionalities based on your sales process (no-touch, low-touch, high-touch).
  • We recommend doing qualitative customer research (3-5 phone interviews) that will be further complemented with CX, product, and CRM data. 
    We identify your customers' business goals and KPIs
  • Our web analysts conduct an analysis of the current state of your website, after which we give recommendations related to the content, visuals, structure, and technical side of your website.



#2 - Planning the work

  • We conduct keyword research.
  • Taking user journey into account, we plan the structure and functionalities of your website, including your most relevant content, sitemaps, the structure and key elements of your most important pages (wireframes), layouts, and primary and secondary conversion points.

When building websites, we're really into modular website design. This means that the modules and functionalities are designed to be dragged & dropped in different parts of your site without any hurdles, ensuring it can be easily updated and developed further.

example sitemap


#3 - Technical implementation, copywriting, testing, and going live

  • We build page templates and modules you can easily use (e.g., for customer stories or blog posts)
  • We produce, validate, and implement the content in your HubSpot CMS
  • Before going live with anything, we build the website in a test environment (Content Staging) where you can test it (typically, there's still a whole bunch of edits and requests to be done at this point).
  • You will get in-depth training to ensure you can manage your new website
  • We deal with URL redirects following SEO best practices so that you lose no traffic
Once everything looks okay, we go live!

#4 - Optimizing your new website

A website project is usually a combination of about 3 months of intense work followed by a 3 to 6-month support phase.

  • During the support phase, we usually fine-tune the website once we've gained more data and experience.
  • This is also a good time to conduct A/B tests, add personalized content for known users (smart content), or create new landing pages.
How we created a vibrant website for QPR in 2 months

“We were able to make significant improvements to our website that will support our new growth strategy. We finally have a website builder that’s up-to-date and easy to use! It’s not only the marketing team who’s happy about this: we’ve also gotten great feedback from other functions regarding the usability, clarity, and design of the new pages!”

Saara Bergman
Product Marketing Manager, QPR Software

Saara Bergman

Why work with Advance B2B?

Evidence-based design

We don’t believe in hunches. We always talk to your customers to find out what they value, how they like to buy, and what differentiates your company from its competitors.

 One-size fits no one

It’s all about relevance. We segment your website visitors to create personalized experiences (smart content). Tailored experiences are paramount to increasing engagement with your content and moving your leads down your funnel.

A painless process

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We split the work into easily manageable chunks and set realistic yet ambitious deadlines to get your website out in time.

Let's have a talk!

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Alternatively, you can fill out this form and we’ll hit you back with an email within the next 24 hours (unless it’s the weekend or a national holiday, in which case we might take a tad longer, you know how that goes).

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