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HubSpot integrations

We create seamless bridges between HubSpot and the rest of your ecosystem

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We make your data flow

Successful marketing and sales teams eat aggregated data for breakfast.

We eliminate that complexity and create data bridges between your various solutions and HubSpot so that you can:

  • Analyze the way you work
  • Eliminate as much redundant or manual work as possible
  • Map and match your existing sales & marketing processes
  • Create new sales & marketing processes to mirror how your organization operates in real life.

The types of integrations we do

Each platform is unique, and so is each integration project.

Now, there are different types of integrations; The ready-integrations that only require a credit card and a few clicks and those that require the touch of an expert. We do it all.

The integration of additional HubSpot tools

The more tools you use from the HubSpot family, the smoother your experience with HubSpot will be. For example, a HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, and website will work flawlessly without any integrations, and you can do everything through the same UI using the same data.

The integration of HubSpot with other systems

More often than not, our customers need our help with integrating third-party solutions into HubSpot.

We can integrate HubSpot marketing tools with another CRM of your choosing (Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Microsoft Dynamics, to name but a few).

We can also work on custom-made integrations to integrate a solution with no existing connector to HubSpot, like a proprietary CRM.

How we integrated HubSpot x Salesforce for Kemppi

“AB2B has been really helpful! Juho has been our main connection and has been helping me a lot even after the project. I’m hoping we have AB2B as our long-term partner with marketing automation. [They are] very professional.”

Kirsta Kihlman
Digital Marketing Manager , Kemppi

Krista Kihlman-1
Salesforce x HubSpot Integrations

Bringing Sales and Marketing closer together

Sales & marketing alignment goes beyond technical specifics, but without a well-integrated data ecosystem, you’ll never get there.

Whatever the bottleneck, we’ll build the bridges you need between Salesforce and HubSpot and prevent any data loss, whether:

  • You are using Salesforce and would like to add HubSpot for marketing.
  • You are using HubSpot and Salesforce, but they aren’t integrated.
  • HubSpot and Salesforce are integrated, but the integration doesn’t work as it should.
HubSpot and Salesforce

Make’s first ever and #1 partner in Finland

We take pride in our commitment to innovation and excellence. This commitment has led us on an exciting journey with Make!

We have relied on Make as a valuable resource to make HubSpot integrations easily accessible to you by leveraging their cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions over the years.

We now took our relationship with Make to the next level by entering a partnership with a shared vision that drives us forward.

Make Partner-2

How we approach each Integration project

Our integration process is split into four stages

We approach integrations the same way we approach any other project; we need to understand your current situation, what you need, and why so that the deliverable meets your expectations.

Step 1. Building the business case

This is where we look under the hood to understand your current situation and build the frame for your integration project:

  • What challenges are you trying to solve?
  • What results are you expecting?
  • What are you willing to invest?
  • What’s your deadline?

Step 2. Scoping the possible solutions

Once the bigger picture is set, we deep dive into specifics. How will we get it done?

  • Is what you’re trying to achieve possible with your current ecosystem? Or should we find an alternative?
  • What will it take to complete?
  • Can we do this with current resources?
  • How are you planning to maintain it over time?

Step 3. Technical planning and implementation

At this stage begins the heavy lifting.

  • The approach depends on the level of complexity of the integration.
  • We organize 1 to 3 workshops to get our ducks in a row
  • We build a detailed plan for the integration and document the transferred information
  • We implement and test

Step 4. Walkthrough and training

As soon as our testing reveals that everything works as it should, we walk you through what was done:

  • We walk you through the integration and how it works
  • We agree on who will maintain the solution in the future (you, or us)
  • We go through the documentation to leave no stone unturned.

How much does it cost?

It depends. But here are a few examples to help you project yourself.

Salesforce x HubSpot

Salesforce x HubSpot Marketing Hub Integration

5,000 €

  • Duration of the project: 1 month
  • What: 2-way integration for Leads, Contacts and Companies.
MS Dynamics x HubSpot

MS Dynamics x HubSpot Marketing Hub Integration

5,000 €

  • Duration of the project: 1 month
  • What: 2-way integration for Leads, Contacts and Companies.
Cision x HubSpot

Cision x HubSpot Marketing Hub Integration

2,500 €

  • Duration of the project: 2 weeks
  • What: Stock exchange releases updates from an external service (Cision) to a specific website.

Interested? Give us a call!

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